The Small-But-Mighty Tabletop Accessory That Can Transform a Room

Updated 05/02/19
Fall Candlestick Holders
Catherine Kwong

The weather is starting to cool off, and the sweaters are coming out from their under-the-bed storage bins, which means it's time to start stepping up the hygge factor at home. Indeed, since we'll be nesting more and hosting indoors in the coming months, it's in our best interest to freshen up with seasonal décor that sets a comforting, cozy ambiance, and there's nothing quite like flickering candlelight to set the mood for fall.

Lucky for us, we've been seeing plenty of stylish candlestick holders cropping up around our favorite retailers as of late. If you're going to update your home with just one décor item this season, let it be this. Read on to see our edit of the best fall candlestick holders for every room in the house. 

FRUSTUM candle holder
AYTM FRUSTUM Candle Holder $105

With a sophisticated and moody vibe, this multicolored marble candlestick holder is a quick, sure-fire way to bring your home into the new season. 

Gelato Square Tapered Small Candleholder
Veritas Gelato Square Tapered Small Candleholder $188

Add a pop of color and bold graphic stripes with this purple-striped lucite candle holder. You can also shop the taller and shorter versions if you like the idea of creating a vignette with multiple. 

Mult8 Candlestick
De Vecchi Mult8 Candlestick $390

This serpentining gold candlestick holder will set the right mood at a romantic dinner table while also functioning the decorative centerpiece. 

Volcanica Candles Large Teak Boat Candle $84

Want to really get the fall feels rolling? Channel a homey log cabin in the woods with this large teak boat candle. 

Marie-Antoinette Bust decorative candle
Cire Trudon Marie-Antoinette Bust Decorative Candle $101

Okay, so this isn't technically a candle holder, but it has way too much personality not to include. We like the idea of placing this bust of Marie Antoinette on the console table for a grand entrance. 

O polished aluminium candleholder
MINIMALUX O Polished Aluminium Candleholder $222

A solid aluminum candlestick holder will exude a sleek and sexy vibe. The spherical shape softens up the edgy material and sheen. 

Anna new york by RabLabs Brillante Menorah
Anna by RabLabs Brillante Menorah $295

Though Hanukkah doesn't start until December 2 this year, we'd keep this elegant purple marble menorah on display during every season. Put it to use for the chicest eight days of Hanukkah ever and then use it as a dining room centerpiece of mantle state maker during the rest of the year. 

Kin Tea Light Set-Black
Skultuna Kin Tea Light Set-Black $120

Cluster these candle holders around the center of the dining table, line them up on a window sill, or place them behind the toilet in the bathroom for a nice ambiance. 

Guacamayas Raffia Candlestick
Mercedes Salazar Guacamayas Raffia Candlestick $295

Who says we can't stay in this summer state of mind forever? Keep the endless summer vibes alive all year round with this bright and festive tropical rattan candle holder. It's perfect for a beach house. 

This candlestick is modern and glossy with an antique old-school feel. We imagine it's something a princess would use while walking through dark castle hallways at night.  

Rock Candle Holder Medium
Tom Dixon Rock Candle Holder Medium $380

This set of green candle holders feels rooted in nature without feeling too rustic. They also offer up a nice way to spruce up a neutral color palette without clashing. 

Kubus 8 in White
By Lassen Kubus 8 in White $286

Don't put your whites away just yet. This crisp white geometric candle holder will enliven your interiors year-round. 

wireplay candle holder
CB2 Wireplay Candle Holder $30

Give your mantle or dining room table an architectural centerpiece with this bronze wire candle holder. 

Cork + Wood Candlestick Beaded
Melanie Abrantes Designs Cork + Wood Candlestick Beaded $78 $55

Cork, wood, and bulbous, this laid-back candle holder will bring in a fun, easy-going feeling wherever you decide to place it. 

Stria Holds 5 Brass Taper Candle Holder
CB2 Stria Holds 5 Brass Taper Candle Holder $70

Simple and timeless, this is the ideal candle holder for anyone looking for a timeless staple that can blend in well with a variety of interior styles. 

Apotheke Candle
West Elm Apotheke Candle $34

Keep things simple and grayscale with a collection of black and white candles. These are perfect for someone who isn't exactly keen on the candlestick holder trend but likes the idea of getting creative with a cluster of candles. 

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