Get Ready for the First Cold Snap + Is Handwriting Still Relevant?

  • Get ready for the cold with the first fall weather expected to hit this weekend. Weather Channel lead forecaster Michael Palmer said "it is going to be very chilly," with overnight minimum temperatures from the Great Lakes through to the East Coast forecast to drop into the 30s and 20s in an "icy spell" starting tonight until Tuesday. Some parts of the Northeast can expect a dusting of snow. — CNBC
  • An education expert looked into the relevance of handwriting in today's digital world. After researching and reading studies on the importance of writing things out by hand versus typing them on a keyboard, he found that "transcribing letters is useful in developing skills that aid in learning and memory." Dr. Laura Dineheart, who does research at Florida International University said, “Our research found that children who were better able to produce letters, numbers and shapes in preschool demonstrated better academic achievement in second grade.” — The Huffington Post
  • Koko the gorilla celebrates her 44th birthday with two kittens. The famous gorilla known for her sign language skills received her first cat, All Ball, as a teenager, and a book was written about her unique bond with the feline; the pair even appeared on the cover of National Geographic. Tragedy struck in 1985 when the kitten was hit by a car, and Koko mourned her death. But now the gorilla is happy with a gray-and-white Manx kitten. — Popular Science
  • Lada Gaga has opened up about her battle with depression and anxiety. In an interview with Billboard magazine, the entertainer said she "suffered through depression and anxiety [her] whole life." In 2012, the singer-songwriter launched Born This Way Foundation to help others like herself. "I just want these kids to know that that depth that they feel as human beings is normal," she said. "We were born that way. This modern thing, where everyone is feeling shallow and less connected? That's not human." — Billboard
  • Felix Kjellberg is the world’s highest-paid YouTube star. Gaming vlogger PewDiePie earned $12 million last year, topping Forbes magazine’s first ranking of the top-paid stars on the video platform. He also topped Variety‘s list of Famechangers, as one of the digital world’s 12 most influential stars. The 25-year-old from Sweden has almost 40 million YouTube subscribers and earns money from advertising on his channel. — Variety
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