How to Decorate With Fall's 4 Trendiest Colors

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Designed by Emily Henderson Design; Photo by Sara Ligorria-Tramp

Fall is one of our favorite seasons, not just because of the changing leaves and the cooler weather, but also because we genuinely love the aesthetic. We’ve still got a few months until the holidays start to take hold, so why not (pumpkin) spice up your home with a few items to celebrate autumn?

Our friends at Society6, an online retailer for artists and makers, just curated a Fall Feels collection, highlighting four hues that are all the rage this season: terracotta, pale lilac, charcoal, and straw. Here, learn how to decorate your home with each, and shop a variety of Society6 products to achieve your fall design goals.


Oranges are all the rage in autumn, between fall foliage and the proliferation of pumpkins. Society6 has decided to take an earthy approach to the hue, selecting terracotta for its fall palette.

terracotta shower curtain
Society6 Terracotta Geometric Pattern Shower Curtain $70

Bring fall into your bathroom with this bold terracotta shower curtain featuring a crisp white pattern. It’s simple enough as to not overwhelm a small space, but it certainly makes a statement.

girl squad serving tray
Society6 Girl Squad Serving Tray $39

Riffing on Picasso’s Les Demoiselles d’Avignon and Matisse’s papercuts, the terracotta-tinted illustration on this eco-friendly bamboo serving tray is bringing us girl power vibes.

pretty pink garden rug
Society6 Pretty Pink Garden Rug $49

Forget florals for spring—give autumnal flowers a shot with this terracotta garden rug made from woven, polyester chenille.

bronze lines abstract print pillow
Society6 Bronze Lines Abstract Print Throw Pillow $30

Throw pillows are an easy (and oftentimes affordable) way to spruce up your home decor with some seasonal accents. This fall, try this one with a geometric print that looks hand painted.

Pale Lilac

Lilac might traditionally be more associated with spring given the floral blooms, but its soothing tone does seem to pair well with the cooling temperatures. We’re also a fan of pairing lilac with oranges. Don’t believe us? See below.

soft moon art print
Society6 Soft Moon Art Print $22

A crescent moon rises in this moody lilac print, which features just the slightest hint of a warm sunset (or sunrise) on the mountain peak.

colorful comforter
Society6 Perspective Comforter $120

Geometric prints are also all the rage this fall—we love this lilac-and-orange chevron-esque pattern.

pink and lilac art print
Society6 Pink and Lilac Art Print $19

Who says everything has to be abstract? We’re quite intrigued by the scene set in this art print.

boca links wall tapestry
Society6 Boca Links Wall Tapestry $45

Hanging a wall tapestry is a much easier way to change your wall color than painting or wallpapering. Remember how we said lilac and orange pair well together? Case in point.


Charcoal certainly grounds the brighter hues in Society6’s fall palette, recalling burnt logs in a fireplace or the ever-lengthening nighttime.

charcoal ombre pillow
Society6 Charcoal Ombré Rectangular Pillow $35

Ombré works exceedingly well in this charcoal pillow, which would serve well as an accent on a bed or a sofa.

abstract coasters
Society6 Mid Century Modern Abstract Rock Layers Charcoal Coaster, Set of 4 $15

Don’t overrule a coaster as a simple, functional tool. Pick coasters with bold graphic elements, like this abstract charcoal pattern, to make them feel like a real part of your room’s design.

gray comforter
Society6 Abstraction Outline Gray Comforter $120

Keep it simple with a gray comforter, but add some pizzazz with a geometric print. Want a little color? Add some accent pillows to your spread.

gray marble shower curtain
Society6 Geometric Marble & Copper Shower Curtain $70

This exquisite shower curtain is the best way to add marble to your bathroom without redoing your countertops.


The golden hue of straw is a wise addition to the autumnal lineup at Society6, exuding both a sense of cheerfulness for those who aren’t quite ready to let go of summer vibes, while also nodding to fall foliage.

marigold wall tapestry
Society6 Japanese Seigaiha Wave – Marigold Palette Wall Tapestry $45

This multipurpose piece can be displayed as a wall tapestry or even used as a tablecloth.

I stole the moon art print
Society6 I Stole the Moon Art Print $15

To be perfectly honest, we’d love to channel the aesthetic from this print into our own fall wardrobe.

Sunflowers Wall Clock
Society6 Sunflowers Wall Clock $32

Switching out wall clocks is another way to change your décor throughout the seasons without spending a fortune.

gold curtains
Society6 Aspen Gold FFD662 Sheer Curtain $119

Not everything needs to have a pattern! These golden curtains will add a warm glow to any room.

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