Just Being Honest: These 5 Fall Décor Trends Aren't Worth Your Money

Updated 04/20/19
Fall Décor Advice 2018
Brooke Holm/Trunk Archive

It's easy to get excited about the latest and (metaphorically) shiniest new décor trend. Pink curved velvet sofas, colorful terrazzo accents, and bold graphic patterns are pleasing to the eye, especially when you encounter them in every space you visit and every décor story you read. But before you jump into any trend with both feet, ask yourself two questions: Will it fit my current space? How quickly will I get sick of this trend?

This easy trend-evaluating method might sound obvious, but just think of all the summer tops and small décor accents you've bought on impulse, only to get tired of them after just a few short months. To be clear, we're not saying to stay away from trends altogether; we're simply advising to think twice before wholeheartedly welcoming a shiny new item into your home. To this point, we've identified five major fall décor trends this year that you might want to reconsider—and five more long-lasting trends to try instead.

Skip Curved Sofas, Try Neutral Sofas

Delphine Linen Slipcover Sofa
CB2 Delphine Linen Slipcover Sofa $1799

Pink-hued curved velvet sofas might be giving us all the feels right now, but chances are the bulky shape won't fit your space unless you have a very large living room. Moreover, it's a bold choice you'll likely get sick of quick. We're all about embracing trends, but consider channeling your pink velvet cravings in a pillow instead and invest in a classic neutral sofa with clean lines that you'll enjoy for years (maybe even decades) to come.

Interior Define Jasper Sofa $1900 $1615
Article Sitka Sofa $1499

Skip Bold Graphic Prints, Try Safari Style

CB2 Dark Kuba Cloth Pillow $199

Bold, colorful graphic print and oversize florals are all the rage this fall, but before you invest in them, think about their longevity and whether they'll really fit with your current décor. If you're the type to love bold things already, then go for it. But if you're traditionally more attracted to neutrals, go for a safer trend, like safari style, which still features bold prints but will blend into your décor better and be more long-lasting in your home. 

Carl Hansen & Son Kaare Klint Safari Chair $1175
CB2 Hide Cheetah Print Pillow $129

Skip Gen-Z Yellow, Try Sepia Tones

H&M Small Glass Box $13

Gen-Z yellow may be trending with the youth of today, but the colorful hue may be short-lived in your home if the rest of your décor doesn't go with it. If you want to infuse your space with color a little more safely, try a sepia tone instead; it's our new favorite almost-neutral shade. We bet you'll get a lot more shelf life out of these accessories, especially if paired with warm neutrals, whites, and pinks.

Blu Dot 100% Trays $99
West Elm Textured Border Pillow Covers $39

Skip Faux Florals, Try Low-Maintenance Plants

Greenery NYC Schefflera Amate $390

With most décor stores now selling trendy faux florals and greenery—think fiddle-leaf figs, Montsera leaves, even succulents—it's tempting to introduce these into our homes to get the look without the hassle of caring for a fickle plant. But the reality is that these faux plants vary in quality and will never look as good or feel as fresh as the real deal—and you'll never get the air-purifying benefits. Instead, invest in low-maintenance plants that fit with your home's natural light and humidity levels.

The Sill Mini Succulent Trio $50
Greenery NYC Austral Fern $82

Skip Sheepskin, Try Low-Pile Fabrics

Marlee White Fringe Throw
CB2 Marlee White Fringe Throw $70

When fall rolls around, faux furs, sheepskins, and other cozy high-pile textiles inevitably make it onto our winter décor wish list. But just like our favorite Cards Against Humanity card says, "Crumbs all over the god d*mn carpet" gets all too real if you have furry textiles everywhere and a lot of people around. Instead, invest in cozy textiles that are also low-pile, like mohair and wool, for a comfortable but low-maintenance look.

Equinox Camel Brown Ombre Runner 2.5'x8'
CB2 Equinox Camel Brown Ombre Runner $149
Blu Dot Signal Large Square Pillow $99

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