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64 Fall Décor Ideas to Make Your Home Cozy and Festive

Kick off cozy season.

A mantel lined with different sized pumpkins tipped over on each other

Finding Lovely

Festive décor isn’t just for the holidays. When the seasons change, there’s plenty to celebrate. So don’t wait until Halloween or Thanksgiving to welcome fall—kick off your fall décor scheme the moment autumn begins.

And if you’ve been searching for ways to celebrate the fall equinox, look no further. We’ve rounded up 64 fall décor ideas that’ll help you get excited about the crisp air, cool temperatures, and crunchy leaves heading your way. All of our ideas are easy to pull off, so you can throw them together in a matter of days—maybe even hours.

Bookmark your favorite fall decorating ideas and get ready to spend cozy season smelling fall candles, carving pretty pumpkins, and sipping hot beverages by the fireplace.

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Switch Out Your Bedding

A bedroom filled with fall-friendly bedding, including a brown leather pillow, a burnt orange knit throw, and a woven beige blanket

Modernly You

The moment fall arrives, it’s time to switch out your bedding. Replace your lightweight linens with plush flannel sheets and cozy duvets, and make the switch to more festive by snagging bedding in fall-friendly colors, like brown, beige, and burnt orange.

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Set the Scene With Fall Candles

A dining room tray topped with pumpkins, wheat bundles, and two fall candles

Home and Spirit

Make your space look and feel more festive by lighting a few fall candles. The candles will fill your home with autumnal aromas, like cinnamon apple and pumpkin spice—signaling to you (and all your houseguests) that fall has finally arrived.

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Fill a Vase With Autumn Leaves

A nightstand topped with two framed photos, two books, and a vase full of yellow autumn leaves

The Grit and Polish

Fresh flowers put the finishing touches on any space. But this fall, skip the classic bouquets—and fill your vases with fall leaves, instead. The beauty of this approach? You can forage for the leaves in your own backyard—and replace them any time you need to.

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Drape Cozy Throws Everywhere

A dining table decorated with candles, plants, and fuzzy throw blankets

Home and Spirit

One of the highlights of fall? Snuggling up with a cozy blanket. Stock up on chunky knits and fuzzy faux fur throws and drape them all over your home so one is always within reach.

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Brew Some Stovetop Potpourri

A stovetop potpourri brew with herbs and citrus slices

Dine x Design

Get your kitchen in the fall spirit by brewing some stovetop potpourri. Throw your favorite seasonal ingredients—like cinnamon sticks, citrus slices, or cloves—into a pot, and bring them to a simmer. The brew will fill your home with lovely fall fragrances and add a welcome pop of décor to your stovetop.

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DIY an Autumn Wreath

A bedroom decorated with three DIY fall wreaths hanging from a large branch

Home and Spirit

Autumn wreaths are surprisingly easy to make. Just snag a wire ring, and cover it with your favorite fall plants. Think: wheat bundles, small branches, dried flowers, and more. In no time, you’ll have a fall-friendly wreath that can dress up any bare wall in your home.

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Welcome Fall With a Festive Sign

A framed card that says "hello lovely fall"

Finding Lovely

Tired of seeing the same summery photos in your frames? Replace them with autumn images—or signs that welcome fall. The little details will make your space more festive, and you can switch them out every time the seasons change.

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Line Your Steps With Pumpkins

Front porch steps lined with potted plants and piles of pumpkins

Finding Lovely

No fall décor scheme is complete without a few pumpkins, and your front porch is a classic place to put them. Stick a single pumpkin on every front porch step or stack the pumpkins in pretty piles that frame your front door.

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Keep Seasonal Treats on Display

A kitchen countertop decorated with three taper candles and two pies displayed on platters

The Grit and Polish

Fall desserts are some of the most delicious around—and they’re often pretty enough to double as décor. So if you whip up any sweet treats this season, be sure to put them on display. Invest in some pretty platters, and let your apple pies and pumpkin breads dress up your kitchen counters.

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Hang Pine Cones on Your Chairs

A woven chair decorated with pinecones and ribbons

Finding Lovely

One easy way to decorate your favorite woven pieces? Slip ribbons through the caning, and tie bits of fall décor to them. Pinecones, autumn leaves, and other fall favorites will look great draped from the rattan chairs in your dining room—or the wicker furniture lining your porch.

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Carve a Friendly Jack-o-Lantern

A bedroom decorated with candles, twinkle lights, and a white polka dot jack-o-lantern


Jack-o-lanterns may seem more Halloween-specific than fall-friendly. But your jack-o-lantern’s versatility just depends on how you carve it. Pay homage to Halloween by giving your pumpkin a silly face, or keep things versatile by peppering your pumpkin with polka dots, instead.

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Mix and Match Fall Prints

A bench topped with a buffalo check cushion, Southwestern patterned pillows, and a black faux fur throw

Rikki Snyder

One underrated way to decorate your home for fall? Stock up on rustic prints, like buffalo checks and tartans. Though the patterns look great year-round, they’re inherently rustic and cozy so they’ll add some subtle seasonal style to any corner of your home.

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Add Fall Leaves to Your Tablescape

A dining room table topped with fall leaves, white pumpkins, and fall bouquets

Rikki Snyder

Autumn leaves are one of the loveliest parts of fall—and they don’t just belong on your patio. Scoop up the prettiest fall leaves you can find, dust them off, and sprinkle them on your dining room table. The organic accent will add texture to your tablescape, making your whole space feel more seasonal.

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Snag a Playful Pumpkin Pillow

A living room couch topped with a white pumpkin throw pillow

Modern House Vibes

A pumpkin pillow may not be the most versatile piece in your fall décor scheme, but you’re allowed to have fun! Snag a pumpkin pillow that’s as kitschy—or subtle—as you want it to be, and keep it on your couch all season long.

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Line Your Shelves With Seasonal Décor

Shelves topped with kitchenware, plants, and pumpkins

A Casa de Ana

Shelves give you an opportunity to showcase your favorite pieces—and they’re natural spots to store some fall décor. Sprinkle a few seasonal touches among your knick-knacks and souvenirs, or replace all your go-to décor with fall-friendly pieces.

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Score Some Fall-Friendly Books

A coffee table topped with an apple book and a mug full of wheat stems

Finding Lovely

Coffee table books may not be the kind of thing you swap out when the seasons change—but they should be. By stocking up on seasonal reads and lining your coffee table with them, you can sneak in a subtle pop of décor that’ll charm anyone who sees it.

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Stock Up on Firewood

A living room fireplace filled with firewood

Katie LeClercq

Set yourself up for success this season by keeping firewood on-hand. The rustic accent will immediately make your space feel fall-ready—and it’ll make sure you're prepared for your next cozy night in.

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Paint Your Pumpkins Unexpected Colors

Several white pumpkins that have been decorated with blue paint

Finding Lovely

Not a fan of carving pumpkins? Paint your pumpkins, instead. Any color will do. But if you stick to unexpected shades—like blue, green, and white—you can craft fall-friendly accents that won’t expire the moment Halloween ends.

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Hang Fall Plants from Your Fixtures

A dining room decorated with a vase of flowers and a stem-lined chandelier

mStarr Design

Take a floor-to-ceiling approach with your décor by draping fall plants over your light fixtures. The unusual touch will dress up your sleekest pendant lights and your boldest chandeliers, and all you need is a few dried flowers, eucalyptus stems, or twisted branches to get the job done.

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Swap Out Your Throw Pillows

A living room decorated with rustic striped throw pillows

Post Company

Swapping out your throw pillows isn’t a must—but it’s a great way to usher in a new season. Stow away your spring florals and summer ginghams, and replace them with a few cozy pillows that just feel like fall.

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Make the Most of Mums

A patio decorated with tiny pumpkins, small gourds, and mums in woven baskets

My Passion for Decor

Though lots of plants blossom during the spring and summer, some bloom during the fall. So stock your outdoor space with plants that love crisp air and cool temperatures—like mums. The seasonal favorite comes in an array of pretty colors, so it can flesh out your palette while dressing up your porch.

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Invest in a Rustic Tablecloth

An outdoor dining table topped with a navy plaid tablecloth, two red candles, and a basket of mums

Rikki Snyder

One item that will transform any dining area in your home? A tablecloth. Look for an option in a fall-friendly print, color, or texture, and let it ground your dining table in seasonal charm.

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Fill Your Fruit Bowl With Fall Produce

A kitchen counter topped with a bowl full of apples and an apple pie

The Grit and Polish

Your fruit bowl may not feel very decorative. But, like any little detail, it contributes to the ambiance of your home. Fill your fruit bowl with classic fall produce, like freshly picked apples or delightfully knotty gourds. The understated accent will set the tone in your kitchen—adding fall flair without demanding much attention.

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Dress Up Your Powder Room

A powder room decorated with a bucket of red fall leaves

The Grit and Polish

When decorating your home, powder rooms are easy to overlook. But since they’re houseguest hotspots, they’re worth investing in. Line your sink with a few small pumpkins, sneak décor onto your shelves, or dress up a bare corner with a bucket of autumn leaves.

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Hang Fall Wreaths in Your Windows

A window decorated with three fall wreaths

Finding Lovely

During the holidays, it’s customary to hang a wreath in every window. So why not extend the tradition to fall? Craft a few wreaths from corn husks, branches, or whatever foliage you fancy, and use them to dress up every window in your home.

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Fill Your Space With Faux Fur Accents

A living room chair decorated with a faux fur blanket, a knit blanket, and three faux fur pillows


Faux fur looks great during any time of year—but it looks particularly welcoming during the fall. Stock up on faux fur pillows and blankets, and pile them on top of every seat in your space.

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Sneak Fall Plants Onto Your Table Settings

A table setting featuring a pumpkin-shaped plate topped with a small acorn and a cloth napkin adorned with a wheat stem

Finding Lovely

To craft the perfect table setting, all you need is a charming plate, some pretty flatware, and a handy cloth napkin. But if you want to take your table setting to the next level, sneak some fall plants into the mix. By sliding a wheat stem through your cloth napkin or sticking an acorn on your plate, you can craft a table setting that feels fall-ready—even if you use the same dishes year-round.

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Stock a Drink Tray With Seasonal Favorites

A small tray topped with two mugs, a candle, and several tea packets

Rikki Snyder

Fall is all about getting cozy as the temperatures drop. So keep an eye out for places to sneak in snuggly touches. One fun option? Stock a drink tray with the ingredients to make your favorite fall beverages. The touch will ensure hot chocolates, hot teas, or hot toddies are always conveniently within reach.

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Turn Your Pumpkins Into Planters

A painted pumpkin planter filled with fall plants and flowers

Finding Lovely

Take an unexpected approach to pumpkin carving this year by hollowing out your pumpkins and turning them into planters. The DIY flower pots won’t last forever, but they’ll make festive homes for all your fall bouquets.

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Play With Surprising Fall Colors

A bedroom with decorated olive green bedding and fall branch decor

True Home

Don’t be afraid to think outside the box when it comes to your palette. Reds, yellows, and oranges are classic fall colors. But less obvious earth tones—like olive green—can make a striking addition to your seasonal color scheme.

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Score a Set of Festive Candlesticks

A dinner table topped with faux pumpkins and candlesticks shaped like fall leaves

Modern House Vibes

Candlesticks make a no-fail addition to any dining room table, and if you score a festive set, you can make your tablescape feel more playful and more elegant in one fell swoop.

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DIY a Fall Terrarium

A glass jar filled with dried flowers, fall leaves, and nut shells

Dine x Design

Looking for a surprising alternative to a vase full of fall flowers? Grab a glass jar, and fill it with dried plants. The desiccated plants will pay homage to fall’s signature dried leaves—while leaving you with a textured centerpiece that looks great on any table.

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Make Your Own Potpourri Pumpkins

Three DIY pumpkins made of flannel and filled with potpourri

Finding Lovely

Freshen up your space by crafting some fabric pumpkins and filling them with potpourri. The fragrant accent will leave your space looking and smelling lovelier, so it's a great addition to houseguest-friendly areas, like kitchens, powder rooms, and foyers.

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Line Your Kitchen With Fall Garlands

A kitchen shelf lined with a low-profile fall garland

The Grit and Polish

Decorating your kitchen can be fun—but you don't want to make the space less functional. So keep the clutter off your countertops, and drape décor from your shelves, instead. A couple of fall garlands will get your space in the seasonal spirit—without making your kitchen feel cramped or crowded.

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Paint Faces on Your Gourds

An outdoor space decorated with pumpkins with painted faces and messages


Decorative gourds are a seasonal favorite. And with a little paint, you can make them even more charming than they already are. So grab a paintbrush, and emblazon your gourds with welcoming messages or silly faces. The kitschy accents will double as conversation starters—and they'll make your entire décor scheme feel more playful.

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Invest in a Portable Fireplace

An outdoor space decorated with a portable firepit


Get your outdoor space fall-ready by investing in a portable fireplace. The little addition will cozy up your backyard, porch, or patio—giving you a luxurious place to host houseguests all season long.

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Line Your Dinner Table With Pinecones

A dining room table lined with a burlap table runner and pinecones

True Home

Come fall, pinecones are absolutely everywhere—and they make great decorative accents. So pick up some of the pinecones littering your yard, and line your dining room table with them. The plants will immediately add texture to your tablescape, making your dining room more striking and more festive.

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Snag Some Seasonal Mugs

A hand holding a fall mug in front of Halloween decor and candlesticks

Modern House Vibes

One surefire way to get yourself in the seasonal spirit? Start each day with a drink served in a fall-friendly mug. Piece together a mug collection that’s as kitschy as you want it to be. Then, put your mugs on full display—or keep them tucked away in a cabinet, where you can surprise your guests with them.

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Deck Out Your Bathroom

A bathroom filled with faux fur accents, wheat stems, and candles


The best cold-weather antidote? A piping hot bath. So deck out your bathroom with fall candles and fairy lights, and make it a hygge-filled space worth escaping to all season long.

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Score a Textured Table Runner

A dining room table topped with a macrame table runner, eucalyptus stems, and white pumpkins

Cottage and Sea

Fall isn’t just one of the most colorful seasons around—it’s also one of the most textured. So mix and match materials as you flesh out your décor scheme. Pair your coziest faux fur pillow with a rustic wool blanket, and snag a striking table runner made of burlap, macrame, or some other textured material.

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Match Your Pumpkins to Your Space

A neutral-filled kitchen decorated with a single white pumpkin

Finding Lovely

Most pumpkins come in warm shades like red, orange, or yellow. But if you don’t want to introduce a new color to your palette, don’t. Stock up on pumpkins in understated colors—like white, black, or emerald green—and complement your home’s palette, instead of adding contrast to it.

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Decorate With Berry-Lined Branches

A mantel decorated with a pumpkin and a vase full of berry-lined branches

Rikki Snyder

Pumpkins, gourds, and leaves are classic fall plants to decorate with, but other natural accents deserve some love, too. Berry-lined branches can make a striking addition to any vase or mantel. And since you can find them in your own backyard, you’ll have more than enough to get you through the season.

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Line Your Chair Backs With Fall Wreaths

A dining room decorated with small chairback wreaths and several painted pumpkins

Finding Lovely

Wreaths aren’t just for doors and windows. By hanging a fall wreath from each of your dining room chairs, you can add a pop of décor that’s unobtrusive and unexpected.

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Craft a Festive Centerpiece

A fall-themed centerpiece comprised of a metal pumpkin, several fall candles, and a leaf-lined stem bundle

Dine x Design

Making a centerpiece may sound like an expert-level DIY task, but it’s actually really easy. Just gather some of your favorite fall items—like candles, pumpkins, and wheat stems—and stick them in the center of your dining room table.

Use a vase or a serving tray to keep things tidy, or lay down a wreath and place all your décor inside it.

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Fill a Vase With Tiny Pumpkins

A coffee table decorated with taper candles, wheat stems, and a vase filled with small white pumpkins

Finding Lovely

Not sure what to do with those tiny pumpkins you just bought? Fill a vase with them. The festive accent will look great just about anywhere—in your window sill, on your dining room table, or even on your nightstand.

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Switch Out Your Outdoor Cushions

A front porch with blue gingham pillows and a printed outdoor rug

Finding Lovely

When prepping for fall, don’t neglect your outdoor space. If you have upholstered patio furniture, switch out your cushions. Replace your summer favorites with fall-friendly prints and colors. And add a pop of coziness with a rustic outdoor rug.

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Add Festive Ribbons to Your Tablescape

A place setting topped with a white pumpkin and a small ribbon that says "fall"

Finding Lovely

One cute way to dress up your dining room for fall? Top each place setting with a fall-friendly ribbon. The ribbon can be as literal or referential as you want it to be. So place a flag that says “fall” on every single plate—or tie your cloth napkins with a dark orange bow.

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Stock Up on Seasonal Glassware

An outdoor table topped with woven placemats, gingham napkins, and orange and green glassware

Rikki Snyder

No one needs a different set of glasses for every single season, but owning a few festive pieces can make hosting more fun. Treat yourself to some glassware that you only whip out during the fall, and play with textures, colors, or materials you might not use every day.

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Stick a Sign on Your Front Porch

A front porch decorated with painted pumpkins, plaid pillows, and a large sign that says "fall"

Finding Lovely

Investing in a front porch sign that says “fall” may seem a little over the top. But there’s no shame in having fun. So do the decorative equivalent of shouting “FALL” from the rooftops and welcome the season with a sign on your front porch.

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Trade Vases for Rustic Buckets

A metal bucket filled with wheat stems and flowering branches

Finding Lovely

It’s natural to store bouquets inside vases. But this season, consider more rustic vessels—like baskets, buckets, or even mugs. The containers should make your bouquets feel textured and homey—a perfect combination for fall.

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Make a Set of Seasonal Napkin Rings

Dark red cloth napkins tucked inside wooden napkin rings that are decorated with velvet ribbons and fall stems

Dine x Design

Great napkin rings don’t just keep your place settings tidy—they also bring out the best in your napkins. Invest in a set of napkin rings that make your table linens feel more festive, or better yet, DIY a set of your own using wood rings, velvet ribbons, and fall plants.

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Sneak Pumpkins Inside Your Planters

A porch framed by planters filled with stacked pumpkins and nested branches

Finding Lovely

Want an unexpected way to show your pumpkins off this season? Snag a tall planter, and stack your pumpkins inside of it. The accent will add height to your fall display, making your porch décor scheme even more eye-catching.

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Color-Coordinate Your Décor

A neutral-filled living room decorated with fall plants, white pumpkins, and woven baskets

mStarr Design

Fall has a pretty recognizable color scheme, so one easy way to decorate for the season is to streamline your palette. Fill your vases and planters with fall-colored flowers, stock up on neutral throw pillows, and rid your space of colorful accents. The bold move will leave your space feeling more seasonal—even if there’s no fall-specific décor in sight.

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Rotate in Some Fall Placemats

A dining room table topped with woven placements lined with embroidered edges

Finding Lovely

Placemats are a low-maintenance way to make your tablescape more festive. You don’t have to worry about storing seasonal glassware, crafting a striking centerpiece, or tying up each napkin just right. Instead, you can simply stick a set of placemats on your table, and voila—your dining room is ready for fall.

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Fill Your Vases With Fall Flowers

A kitchen island topped with fall flowers tucked inside a white pitcher

Claire Lynn Home

Beautiful blooms brighten up any space, any season—and fall is no different. So place a bouquet of fall flowers, like mums or pansies, in your kitchen or on your dining room table. The blooms will add an unobtrusive pop of fall color to your space, while making it feel warmer and more welcoming.

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Make Wheat Bundles Your Favorite Accent Piece

An entryway table decorated with a bowl of white pumpkins and two wheat bundles

Finding Lovely

Add some contrast to your fall décor scheme by weaving wheat bundles among your pumpkins, leaves, and decorative gourds. Since the harvest-friendly accent is great for Thanksgiving, it has plenty of staying power. And it’ll make a striking addition to any coffee table, nightstand, or entryway cabinet.

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Stock Up on Pumpkin Plates

A minimalist place setting with a white tablecloth, white napkins, and a white pumpkin plate

Finding Lovely

Playful plates go a long way in adding personality to a tablescape. So don’t shy away from having fun with your dishware. A pumpkin plate can finish off a delightfully maximalist place setting—or it can add a pop of whimsy to an otherwise-elegant and minimalist set-up.

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Customize a Simple Wreath

A simple stick wreath decorated with several small pumpkins and gourds

Finding Lovely

When it comes to wreaths, your options aren’t sticking to store-bought or DIYing a wreath from scratch. Instead, you can take a store-bought wreath, and make it your own. With a little hot glue and a few fall plants, you can craft a wreath that’s uniquely yours—without expending a ton of effort in the process. 

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Fill a Bowl With Pinecones

A living room with a neutral-pillow-lined couch and a coffee table topped with a bowl of pinecones

True Home

Keep it simple this season by filling a bowl with pinecones, and making that your go-to centerpiece. The easy accent will add texture to any table. And if you feel like getting fancy, you can always pair it with a candle or a bouquet of fall flowers.

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Light Your Fireplace With String Lights

A fireplace decorated with candle-lit lanterns, string lights, and decorative branches

mStarr Design

As the temperatures start to drop, don’t let a non-functional fireplace get you down. Instead, capture some of the cozy romance of the season by filling your fireplace with candles—or covering a few faux logs with string lights.

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Dry Your Plants Before Displaying Them

A table topped with books, candles, and a vase of dried flowers

The Grit and Polish

One easy way to make a plant feel fall-friendly? Dry it out. Since fall is filled with crunchy leaves and barren branches, any desiccated plant should feel seasonally appropriate. Plus, the dried plant’s colors should fit right into your warm, neutral-packed fall palette.

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Line Your Mantel With Pumpkins

A mantel lined with different sized pumpkins tipped over on each other

Finding Lovely

There’s no need to overthink your fall décor scheme. Keep it classic by lining your mantel with tiny pumpkins. Add visual interest by snagging pumpkins in different sizes and colors, and make the vignette more dynamic by tipping some of the pumpkins on their sides.

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Sneak Décor Where You’d Least Expect It

A powder room sink lined with tiny pumpkins

Milk and Honey Life

A pumpkin in your powder room or a bouquet of leaves in your hall closet is sure to demand a double take—making your entire décor scheme more memorable.

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Hang a Wreath on Your Front Door

A front door decorated with a simple fall wreath

Finding Lovely

One surefire way to welcome fall? Hang a wreath on your front door. The accent is a classic for a reason: Your front door is your home’s first impression. It’s the first thing houseguests will see when you invite them over—and it’ll set the tone for the rest of your space.