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20 Tips for Fall Decorating That Will Make Your Space Cozier

cozy living room

Design: Devon Grace Interiors, Photo: Dustin Halleck

No matter the season, we always want our interiors to feel cozy and inviting—especially if it's a small-space studio. When it comes to decorating your space to fit a warmer, hygge-focused bill, we've rounded up a few subtle décor ideas that will help—whether you're doing a full overhaul or a few small updates.

Just like your wardrobe, making your space feel more curated is all about layering, and it's a design concept that's pretty simple to execute: Add fuzzy textures, warm neutrals, and natural materials to start. If you don't know where to go from there, we've got you covered. Keep reading for 20 tips for fall decorating that will instantly give your space a cozy feel.

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Choose Wood for the Win

cozy bedroom

LeClair Decor

Don't get us wrong: We're all for acrylic furniture, but there's something homey about warm woods that make us want to curl up and relax. Adding one wooden piece, like a nightstand or bookshelf, is an easy way to incorporate the material without going overboard.

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Create a Comfy Nook


Anne Sage

If your room has a corner, you have all the beginnings of a reading nook. All you need is to add is a plush chair, an end table, a reading lamp, and, of course, a few books or magazines. Trust us, nothing is more inviting than a charming and inviting nook on a brisk fall day.

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Keep It Light

a cozy reading nook in light color

Design: Timothy Godbold, Photo: Rikki Snyder

Mixing a few shades of cream in a room balances lightness and warmth with an extreme chic factor. Plus, if your space lacks natural light, keeping the decor pale will trick the eye into thinking that the room is sunnier than it is.

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Try Tons of Texture

tips for fall decorating

Bespoke Only

It's our personal belief that you can't use too many textures. They'll work together and make for an undeniably cozy space as long as they fall into the same color scheme. Our advice: Opt for relaxed linens, faux furs, and rattans, then throw in a few houseplants to up the organic ante.

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Go Mad for Plaid

fall decorating reading nook

Design: Timothy Godbold, Photo: Rikki Snyder 

Adding plaid accents, like a red-and-black throw over a chair, feels classic, like a well-worn flannel shirt. A tartan plaid blanket plays off warm wood and leather tones to create a timeless, cozy appeal in this bedroom.

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Embrace Hygge

Tips for fall decorating: embrace hygge

Bespoke Only

There's no direct English translation of the Danish word hygge, but that doesn't mean we don't understand the concept. It means creating an atmosphere of warmth at home using soft texture and cozy layers. For some, this translates to cable knit blankets and plush pillows, and for others, it's about greenery and natural light.

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Select Saturated Hues

tips for fall decorating: saturated hues

Gail Davis Designs

If you want to make your bedroom both cozy and regal without doing a whole lot, swap your bedspread for a jewel-toned duvet, blanket, or quilt. We're partial to a deep teal or fuchsia in soft textures like velvet or silk.

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Add Exposed Beams

tips for fall decorating: open kitchen

Photo: Amy Bartlam; Design: Allie Boesch Designs

There's something about exposed beams that makes a space feel cozy and warm. Painted white to blend in with the ceiling, exposed beams in this farmhouse-style kitchen draw the eye upward, allowing the room to feel larger than it actually is. Meanwhile, a beadboard-fronted island and open shelving offer a homey feel and maximize the usable space.

Exposed ceiling beams tend to make a home feel more inviting, but don't fret if your kitchen isn't equipped with them. You can easily inject some charm into your space with a few key elements: white paint, dark accents, open shelving, and some antique décor.

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Neutralize the Space

tips for fall decorating: layered neutrals

Erin Williamson Design

By staying with a neutral color palette with your larger furnishings, you have more wiggle room to experiment with new trends and whims. Think about it: If you buy a bright blue sofa, you're limited to a specific color scheme, but if you buy a neutral sofa, you can switch up the space whenever you want.

If you're trying to make your living room feel more layered, start with a neutral sofa and then pile on the pillows. Try to mix up the sizes, because mixed scales make the overall look more organic and inviting than sterile and formulaic.

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Get in the (Faux) Fur Game

tips for fall decorating: faux fur

Photo: Lisa Russman; Design: Gail Davis Designs

Faux fur blankets and other plush textures are probably the easiest and most effective way to make a space feel warmer. Assess the colors in the room and look for a throw that complements the palette, then toss it over the back of a sofa or fold length-wise at the foot of the bed.

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Light a Fire

tips for fall decorating: light a fire

House Nine

Few things can evoke that comfy-cozy feeling like the warmth and crackle of a fire. If you don't have a fireplace, try lighting a few candles to harness the flicker and ambient glow of a flame.

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Bring the Outdoors In

tips for fall decorating

Bespoke Only

We love how this living room is simultaneously rustic yet refined. The armless couch echoes the modernity of the tripod floor lamp, while a rattan chaise and weathered coffee table infuse the space with the warmth of natural materials. Our tip for fall decorating? Tuck a few fall branches—changing leaves still attached—into an oversized vase, like the one displayed above.

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Switch to Heavier Knits

tips for fall decorating: chunky throw blankets

Brexton Cole Interiors

Even if your room adheres to an all-white color scheme, heavier knits signal the arrival of cooler temperatures. Drape a chunky knit throw across the foot of your bed, or fold one or two in a basket beside your couch. Either way, their weighty presence will encourage cuddling while adding to your autumnal aesthetic.

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Opt for Warm Metallics

tips for fall decorating: warm metallics

Brexton Cole Interiors

An autumn color palette is all about capturing the organic beauty of the season—just envision the reds, yellows, oranges, and browns that dictate the fall landscape. That doesn't mean you need to limit your décor to those colors, however. Warm metallics such as brass and copper allow you to harness those fiery hues, but in a more modern way. Bring the trend home with a brass table lamp, a pair of copper candlesticks, or an oversized copper bowl filled with red apples or mini pumpkins.

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Swap Out Your Throw Pillows

tips for fall decorating: throw pillows

Gray Space Interiors

When it comes to switching your décor on a whim (and on a budget), throw pillows are always a good place to start. Usher in the fall season by choosing pillows or pillow covers in fabrics you'd want to cozy up to, like velvets, faux furs, and nubby knits. As for colors and prints, you can go the traditional route (plaids and fiery colors), or dabble in something more modern (warm neutrals and minimalist patterns).

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Layer on Leather

tips for fall decorating

Erin Williamson Design

Not only does leather embody the warm hues and textures that are synonymous with fall décor, the material (real or faux) also adds a little edge and ruggedness to final designs. Take this light-filled guest room, for example: The spool-style day bed skews sweet with its curved form and coordinating bedding in crisp white. However, a leather stool and fringed leather pillow anchor the look in a contemporary vibe.

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Curate a Vignette

tips for fall decorating: create a vignette

Erin Williamson Design

Redecorating your home for fall doesn't have to involve a trip to the store or the unpacking of autumn pieces stowed away in the attic. Instead, it can simply mean taking a look at your space with fresh eyes. Shop your own home to assemble a new vignette, or reconfigure your artwork to give your space a new look for the season—even if the final result doesn't include a single semblance of pumpkin or plaid.

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Work In a Pumpkin or Two (or More)

tips for fall decorating

Casa Watkins Living

Popping against a backdrop of botanical wallpaper, the open shelving in this stylish kitchen offers storage for cookware, treasured mementos, and trendy objets d'art. This includes autumn-inspired pieces that are tastefully incorporated into the design without distracting from the boho aesthetic.

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Give Your Mantel a Makeover

tips for fall decorating: plants

Casa Watkins Living

Plush pumpkins in unexpected blue tones join statement art to create an eye-catching display on this architecturally inspired mantel. Note how the blue tones are found elsewhere throughout the room, including the ginger jar lamp, the blue-and-white area rug, and the decorative jar on the coffee table. A profusion of houseplants adds to the space's boho feel.

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Create Spaces to Gather

tips for fall decorating: gathering spaces

House Nine

The cozy feel of fall is conducive to whiling away the hours in the company of a good book, a good friend, or both. Enlist overstuffed furniture, plush pillows, and thought-provoking reading material to realize a space that invites cuddling and sparks conversation.