These Are Our Top Fall Decorating Ideas—Just in Time for Labor Day

Wait—is it Labor Day weekend already? Since today is September 1, it means that we’re only three weeks away from the official first day of fall, which makes today the perfect time to start thinking about fall decorating ideas at home. Though the three-day weekend ahead is sure to supply all kinds of endless summer vibes, September is an exciting month because it’s filled with transitions: Temperatures cool off, you switch your Starbucks order from iced to hot coffee, you opt for red instead of rosé at dinner, and you debut new slouchy boots, sweaters, and jackets in lieu of T-shirts and shorts. When it comes to fall decorating ideas, a few subtle décor updates will transition your home into fall (no major overhauls necessary). Just like your wardrobe, it’s all about layering. We’re not talking full-on bundling up just yet—instead, opt for cozy, fuzzy textures used sparingly, soften up spaces for entertaining to make them more inviting, and inject a few additional warm hues into the mix. In other words? Winter is coming, but first: fall.

Just in time for Labor Day—learn how to layer up at home with 11 fresh decorating ideas below.

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