10 Editor-Approved Design Tips That Will Make Your Space Cozier

cozy living room

Design: Devon Grace Interiors, Photo: Dustin Halleck

No matter the season, we always want our interiors to feel cozy and inviting—especially if it's a small-space studio. When it comes to decorating your space to fit a warmer, hygge-focused bill, we've rounded up a few subtle décor ideas that will help—whether you're doing a full overhaul or a few small updates.

Just like your wardrobe, making your space feel more curated is all about layering. Even if you don't consider yourself a decorating savant, layering is pretty easy: Add fuzzy textures, warm neutrals, and natural materials, to start. If you don't really know where to go from there, we've got you covered. Keep reading for 10 decorating tips that will instantly give your space a cozy feel.

Get in the (Faux) Fur Game

cozy living room
Design: Devon Grace Interiors, Photo: Dustin Halleck

Faux fur blankets and other plush textures are probably the easiest and most effective way to make a space feel warmer. Assess the colors in the room and look for a throw that complements the palette, then toss it over the back of a sofa or fold length-wise at the foot of the bed.

Faux Fur Ombre Throw
West Elm Faux Fur Ombre Throw, 47" x 60" $100

Neutralize the Space

Fall Decor Ideas
Photo: Jenna Peffley

Layered warm neutral shades are the perfect update to create an inviting seating situation. Don't get us wrong, we love bursts of color as much as the next design junkie, but keeping the more significant furniture pieces neutral makes them adaptable. Think about it: If you buy a bright blue sofa, you are limited to a specific color scheme, but if you buy a neutral sofa, you can switch up the space whenever you want.

If you're trying to make your living room feel more layered, start with a neutral sofa and then pile on the pillows. Try to mix up the sizes because mixed scales make the overall look more thrown-together rather than perfectly matching. 

Chesterfield Upholstered 4-Piece Reversible Grand Sectional
Pottery Barn Chesterfield Upholstered 4-Piece Reversible Grand Sectional $6,696

Keep the Kitchen Open

Fall Decorating
ACP/Trunk Archive

Open concept kitchens tend to make a home feel more inviting, but don't fret if your space is its own separate room. You can easily give the illusion of a bright, airy, and open kitchen with a few key elements: white paint, dark accents, and metallic lighting.

There's something about the contrast between light and dark that totally opens a space (especially if natural light is abundant). The metallic lighting offers a homey feel to what would be a cold and unwelcoming space. Feel free to take it a step further and place a colorful rug by the sink or under the table.

white paint
Portola Paints & Glazes Coconut Oil, Paint Sample Jar $10

Select Saturated Hues

Fall Decorating Tips
Photo: Anders Bergstedt

Like we said, we're big fans of color, especially jewel tones. If you want to make your bedroom feel cozier without doing a whole lot, swap your bedspread for a jewel-toned duvet, blanket, or quilt. We're partial to a deep teal or fuchsia in soft textures like velvet or silk.

Linum Design Paolo Cotton Velvet Bedspread $740 $592

Embrace Hygge

Fall Decor Tips
Photo: Erik Ollson for Main Street Stockholm

There's no direct English translation of the Danish word "hygge," but that doesn't mean we don't understand the concept. It means creating an atmosphere of warmth at home using soft texture and cozy layers. For some, this translates to cable knit blankets and plush pillows, and for others, it's about greenery and natural light. The best part is that you can interpret hygge however you choose.

Prickly Pear Cactus
Bloomscape Prickly Pear Cactus in Plastic Pot $80

Go Mad for Plaid

Autumn Decorating Ideas
Design: Timothy Godbold, Photo: Rikki Snyder 

Plaid is tricky because it can easily make a room feel like it belongs to a little boy depending on the color scheme and placement. For instance, a red and blue plaid bedspread is a no-go. However, adding plaid accents, like a red and black throw over a chair, feels classic, like a well-worn flannel shirt. A tartan plaid blanket plays off warm wood and leather tones to create a timeless, cozy appeal in this bedroom.

Rough Rider Hunt Plaid Blanket
Woolrich Rough Rider Hunt Plaid 50" x 60" Wool Blanket $155

Try Tons of Textures

a cozy bedroom decorated with layers of texture
ACP/Trunk Archive

It is our personal belief that you cannot use too many textures. They'll work together and make for an undeniably cozy space as long as they fall into the same color scheme. Our advice: Opt for relaxed linen, faux fur, and shag.

Linen Duvet Cover
Brooklinen Linen Duvet Cover, Full/Queen in Chambray $255

Keep It Light

a reading nook in bright cream
Design: Timothy Godbold, Photo: Rikki Snyder

Mixing a few shades of cream in a room balances lightness and warmth with an extreme chic factor. Plus, if your space lacks natural light, keeping the decor pale will trick the eye into thinking that the room is sunnier than it is.

CB2 Wool Wrap Natural Pouf
CB2 Wool Wrap Natural Pouf with Poly-fill $129

Create a Comfy Nook

Design: Anne Sage

If your room has a corner, you have all the makings of a reading nook. All you need is a plush chair and an end or drink table, et voila! Trust us, nothing is more inviting than a charming and inviting nook. If you want to go an extra step further, add a floor lamp.

leather chair
Anthropologie Havana Leather Chair $1,498

Choose Organic

cozy bedroom
Design: LeClair Decor

Using organic materials like wood is a great way to make a space feel more approachable. Don't get us wrong; we are all for acrylic furniture, but there's something homey about warm woods that make us want to curl up and relax. Adding one wooden piece like a nightstand or bookshelf is an easy way to incorporate the material without going overboard.

wood nightstand
Lulu and Georgia Karma Nightstand $600

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