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14 Home Trends Designers Are Already Eyeing for Fall

A living room lined with traditional wooden ceiling beams and filled with art and furniture

Katie Leclercq

As summer transitions into fall, we have a lot to look forward to. We get to whip out our coziest blankets and our spiciest fall candles. We get to replace our lightweight linens with plush flannel sheets. And, we get to rethink our spaces, as the new season brings with it a fresh crop of trends.

Craving a glimpse of what’s coming our way? We interviewed nine interior designers to find out what trends the experts are eyeing for fall 2022. Naturally, their answers include a few existing trends that’ll stick around for another season, but a few of the fall 2022 design trends they expect to see are fresh, new, and unexpected—perfect fodder for reinventing your space.

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Pack Your Palette With Warm, Earthy Colors

A bedroom with forest green walls and brown and white decor

Erin Williamson Design

Green has been 2022’s favorite color, and that’s not stopping any time soon. As we head into fall, we’re embracing every shade of green imaginable, and we’re inviting other earth tones to join in on the fun.

“Green is the color of the year, making it the perfect shade for fall,” Donna Gariepy, senior designer at Aspen & Ivy, says. “We are also seeing rich chocolate browns, lighter camels, and peachy beiges showing up.”

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Line Your Walls With Bold Wallpaper

A dining room with printed wallpaper, light blue trim, and bamboo furniture

Rikki Snyder

Bid adieu to blank walls—minimalism has had its moment, and as fall approaches, designers are welcoming statement walls lined with printed wallpaper, painted murals, and even plush upholstery.

“Wallpaper is making a comeback, enhancing the walls with murals and oversized bold prints,” Gariepy says, and Andrea May, founder and principal designer at Andrea May Interiors, agrees.

“Let's just get those walls upholstered,” she says. “Because, really, who doesn't need a chic cocoon these days?”

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Stock Up on Sustainable Materials

A minimally decorated foyer with a stone table, wooden chairs, and a vase full of large branches

Katie Hodges Design

When it comes to interior design, sustainability is increasingly top of mind. So many designers are staying away from faux furnishings and embracing durable, natural materials, instead.

“Taking another step toward sustainability, I'd like to see the use of materials that can stand the test of time,” Eilla Pradier, interior designer and owner of Eilla Adi Design, says. “I love the idea of building homes that can grow with us. And if possible, I always lean towards real materials versus painted finishes.”

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Have Fun With Playful Upholstery

A living room decorated with fabric wallpaper, a printed tile fireplace, and a red armchair lined with contrast trim

Studio Peake

Playful prints, colors, and details are beginning to sneak into our homes, and they’re bringing new life to our upholstery. Mary Jo Major, founder and principal designer at Rise Interiors, says she expects to see scalloped upholstery and contrast piping everywhere this fall.

“The details are a throwback to the ’80s—and a fun way to bring a sense of whimsy and play to your home,” she says.

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Finish Things Off With Statement Hardware

A modern kitchen with black cabinets lined with bold brass hardware

Bespoke Only

Handles, knobs, and hinges may not get as much attention as furniture and upholstery. But if you snag a statement-making set, you can change how your home looks and feels.

“We aren’t ready to say goodbye to brass accents!” Stephanie Lindsey, the principal designer at Etch Design Group, says. “They add warmth to a room while adding a classic touch to any aesthetic.” Gariepy also expects to see other metals—like copper and bronze—enter the scene.

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Set the Scene With Natural Accents

A dining room with green tree wallpaper, a wooden table, woven cane chairs, and a jute rug

Rikki Snyder

Natural accents are nothing new, but our obsession with them is growing as we look for more ways to bring the outdoors inside.

“I'm seeing a lot of natural elements coming back into the home, like terracotta, travertine, and porous stones,” Sam Tannehill, interior designer at Sam Tannehill Designs, says. “I love this trend because it creates a sense of peace in the home by connecting you to nature and creating a sanctuary-type escape.”

It creates a sense of peace in the home by connecting you to nature and creating a sanctuary-type escape.

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Sneak in a Few Pops of Color

A contemporary living room lined with wood and filled with colorful furniture

Katie Martinez Design

Earth tones may be all the rage these days, but pops of color are increasingly welcome.

“The use of playful color is peeking around the corner and finally stepping into her own,” Kim Gordon, owner and principal designer at Kim Gordon Designs, says. “From major pieces like sofas to kitchen cabinetry, color has popped up everywhere, and it’s refreshing.”

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Keep It Soft With Curves and Arches

A kitchen bar lined with mint marble countertop, mint backsplash tiles, and mint and blue arched cabinetry

Ashley Montgomery Design

One shapely trend designers are seeing everywhere? Soft curves. “Soft lines, arches, and curved furniture pieces with more organic shapes are trending this fall,” Gariepy says. Expect to see arched doorways, hallways, and cabinetry alongside curved couches and furniture.

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Layer Textured Fabrics

A living room with a plush carpet, a boucle armchair, and a sleek couch topped with knit pillows and a faux fur throw

Rikki Snyder

Boucle fabric became a fan favorite earlier this year, and other textured fabrics are following suit.

“People will continue to bring in more textures through fabrics and accessories,” Kelly McDougall, interior architectural designer at Kelly McDougall Design, says. “Think: boucle fabrics, nubby accent pillows, and woven woods.”

And Tannehill expects to see some retro influence on the trend. “I see a trend towards ’70s style coming back—with low seating, lots of velvet, and corduroy fabrics,” she says.

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Hunt for Vintage Furniture

A bedroom with light blue walls, printed blue curtains, and an ornate antique armoire

Tyler Karu

Stocking up on vintage furniture became a must during the last few years, and according to Gariepy, our love of pre-loved and antique items isn’t slowing down any time soon.

“Amid the supply chain disruptions and month-long waits, shopping for vintage items is becoming more desirable,” she says. “Instead of purchasing all new furnishings, people are increasingly sourcing vintage décor and furniture and repurposing them—which is also very eco-friendly and affordable.”

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Make a Statement With Ornate Marble

A kitchen filled with sleek white cabinetry and ornate marble details

Rikki Snyder

One material Sarah Cole, owner and interior designer at Sarah Cole Interiors, expects to see everywhere this fall? Ornate marble.

“After years of following ‘design rules,’ people are ready to take risks and invite excitement into their homes,” Cole says. So instead of sticking to the cloudy marbles and sleek quartzes, keep an eye out for striking materials that will make a statement in your home rather than fade into the background.

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Play With Historic Details

A living room lined with traditional wooden ceiling beams and filled with art and furniture

Katie Leclercq

As we look for ways to fill our homes with fun accents and playful details, we’re turning to the past and making the most of the trends that came before us. “Historically-inspired design details are taking off,” Cole says. Think: pleated lampshades, ornate furniture legs, coffered ceilings, and more.

“With maximalism coming back in full force, these are the kinds of opulent details that speak to that feeling,” Allison Knizek, owner and interior designer at Allison Knizek Design, says.

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Keep It Simple With Low-Maintenance Décor

A light blue living room filled with rattan and wood furniture

Bespoke Only

Why make your life any harder than it needs to be? As we head into fall, we’re steering clear of fragile furniture and delicate fabrics and embracing as many fuss-free materials as we can.

“Our modern lives are demanding enough—we don’t need our homes to be high-maintenance too,” Gariepy says. “The less fuss and muss, the better.”

Look for stain-resistant fabrics (Gariepy recommends crypton), sturdy materials, and items you can simply wipe clean.

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Go All Out on Maximalism

A maximalist living room with red sofas, olive green cabinetry, blue plaid curtains, ornate vintage furniture, and bold art

Ashley Montgomery Design

This fall’s favorite decorating mantra? Have fun with it. Instead of trying to craft a picture-perfect interior, focus on designing a space you love spending time in. Stock up on stuff you love looking at, put your favorite items on display, and take a risk on a print that intrigues you.

“Seeing interesting new shapes in furniture and outstanding new patterns in fabric and wallpapers reminds us to have fun again,” Gordon says. “It feels like renewal, and it is.”