Shop Every Home Décor Trend for Fall (No Matter Your Budget)

Fall might be most well-known for giving way to the latest in fashion trends, but it's also a time when new home décor styles shine. This year has been no exception. While countless trends have cropped up this season, a few standouts include terra-cotta-inspired wares, retro terrazzo pieces, jewel-toned accessories, whimsical opaque lanterns, and just about anything you can think of in animal print.

No matter your budget, there's a way for you to incorporate one or all of these fall trends into your current décor. With a few strategic purchases, you can enjoy styles of the moment without breaking the bank. If your décor budget is limited, you can find simple upgrades like throw pillow covers, serveware, and blankets for under $50. If your budget allows, you can splurge a bit on bigger items like a jewel-tone rug, a zebra-print pouf, or even a terrazzo pendant lamp at a price that's still within reason. 

Ahead, we've scoured the internet for the best fall home décor trends at every budget. Shop pieces that range from $50 to $250, and get in on the trends while they're still in vogue. There's no doubt some will fade while others may stand the test of time, but for now, if one of these trends suits your personal style, why not experiment with a piece that brings it to life in your home? Who knows which of these fall trends could become the next classic.