You Can Now Order Everything—Including Fall Foliage

Being a native Californian, I have always found it annoying when East Coast transplants complain about the lack of seasons. “There’s no fall!” they cry in despair every October. While I disagree and think that there are plenty of places on the West Coat to admire the beauty of fall, if you happen to be a member of the I Miss Fall Club, Money is reporting some exciting news! A new company called ShipFoliage will send you “leaves harvested from the colorful forest floors of Vermont and New Hampshire.” The leaves are carefully picked and combined into color-balanced bundles before undergoing a unique preservation process. For just $20, you can have New England's fall leaves at your doorstep. The best thing is that the leaves are supposed to last for years, so you can enjoy them every fall.

If your yard is filled with fall leaves, keep them under control with a heavy-duty rake.

Would you order fall leaves from a website?