Fall Is Coming! Here's Exactly When the Leaves Will Turn in Your Area

Updated 08/23/17
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There's nothing quite like seeing the landscape set ablaze with flame-colored leaves during fall, but those who've mistimed their visit will know that there's a narrow window of days to see fall foliage at its finest. Thankfully, data scientist West Melton has taken the guesswork out of planning a fall getaway and has released a map that reveals when the leaves will turn in your area.

"Our aggregated historical and current database now includes hundreds of thousands of unique data points giving us the ability to predict more accurately than ever before," he told Travel+Leisure. The algorithm used for the map analyzes several million data points to show the exact date the color change will reach its fiery peak.

If their predictions are correct, fall is in sight. "This year's leaf model is predicting an earlier-than-typical peak fall," said Melton. Higher than average temperature and heavy precipitation over summer are both contributing factors.

Visit Smoky Mountain to use the interactive fall map, or take a peek at a few of the key dates below.

Smoky Mountains ; PICTURED: Fall foliage on September 3

Fall foliage on September 3. 

Smoky Mountains ; PICTURED: Fall foliage on September 24
Smoky Mountains ; PICTURED: Fall foliage on October 1

Where's the best place in your state to see the leaves change?

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