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17 Fall Mantel Décor Ideas to Welcome the Season

fall mantle with leaf print

The West Homestead

As soon as the weather cools down, there's nowhere we'd rather be than cuddled by the fireplace. And if you're already spending so much time huddled around your hearth, it may as well be festive. The mantel is your living room's focal point so if you're going to decorate any part of your home for fall, this should be it.

Whether you're trying to channel ghouls and ghosts for Halloween and you want to keep it more simple and welcome in autumn, here are some of our favorite ways to decorate your fireplace's mantel for fall.

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Embrace Simplicity

Mantle with orange decor

April's Haus

Welcome in the fall with a vignette that can stay up all year long. This adorable mantel styling is perfect for keeping up throughout the seasons, but the pops of orange give it that perfect autumnal feel.

Pick prints with hints of orange, rust or brown to add warmth to your hearth.

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Try a Monochrome Look

White fireplace with pumpkins

Arin Jura

A simple color palette is perfect when you want to decorate for the holidays but don't want to go overboard. This simple white pumpkin display welcomes in fall without clashing with the rest of your decor.

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Layer Artwork

fall mantle with leaf print

The West Homestead

One simple way to fill up an empty mantel is with a few framed pieces of art. For fall, a simple leaf print is a great way to add a touch of warmth. Pair with rust-colored blooms (faux is fine!) to finish off the look.

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Decorate With Old Books

Mantle with old books


There's just something utterly autumnal and warm about worn, vintage books. Fill your mantel with old novels to give your home a homey vibe. Use amber bottles filled with dried flowers as bookends to keep the stack neatly in place.

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Fill the Mantel With Garland

Leaves and garland

Krystle Marie Nickels

A classic way to decorate a mantel is with garland, but you don't have to wait until the Christmas holidays to go with this look. Opt for dried leaves and greenery to fill an empty mantel and add a crisp, fall look to your living room. Use brass candles or other objects to keep the garland in place.

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Pick Pumpkins That Will Never Rot

Mantle with velvet pumpkins

The Oily Penny

We love decorating with pumpkins in the fall, but these velvet ones are great if you're tired of replacing them every time they go bad. Plus, they add a lot of texture to the mantel to give your home a warm look and feel.

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Pick Seasonal Florals

Fall garland

French Blue Charm

A mantel is a great place for blooms, but when the air turns crisp, your options for fresh flowers are more limited. Instead of spending money on fresh flowers, go for dried flowers with muted fall colors such as sage, brown, or beige.

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Mix Textures

Mantle with leather garland

Christian Long

This fall, mix in various textures to give your focal point a lot of interest. This leather garland not only gives off major autumnal vibes with its shapes and colors, but the material adds loads of warmth.

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Don't Forget Candles

Fall living room with candles


The minute the temperatures drop, we can't help but want to light candles every night. Finish off a mantel with a few rich candles to add ambiance and fill the air with hints of fall-themed notes.

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Opt for Oversized Blooms

Living room with shiplap ceiling

Erica Mueller Home

We love filling vintage bottles or vases with dried grasses and flowers in the fall. Pampas, dried button flowers, or coral grass are all great options to decorate a mantel this fall.

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Go For Subtlety

Living room with fall decor

Our Lake Point Farmhouse

Sometimes the best fall decor is understated. Keep it simple this season with a few brass or rust-colored vases and a few strands of eucalyptus to add just enough to fill the mantel without going overboard.

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Layer Mirrors

Mantle with mirrors

Lisa Feagans

We love hanging a mirror over a mantel, but this seasonal look takes it one step further. Layer a few vintage mirrors for loads of visual interest. Then, add a layer of leaves for the ultimate fall look.

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Decorate With Vintage Bottles

Living room with mirror

Design: Ashley Montgomery Design

Photography: Lauren Miller

Hit up your local thrift store for this one. Decorate the edge of your mantel with an array of vintage bottles, particularly those in fall-like hues like burnt orange or brown. This is a look that can stay up all year but gives off major chilly feels.

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Decorate With Baskets

Leaves on a mantle

The Cole Farmhouse

Not only are baskets great for adding extra storage, but they just feel super fall-friendly. If you're decorating a non-working fireplace, don't forget to spruce up the hearth as well. Fill the unused space with candles or baskets to fill a rarely-used fireplace.

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Pick Dark, Moody Colors

Fireplace painted blue

The Beasley House

We love bright colors in the summer, but as soon as the weather turns chilly, we can't get enough of rich, moody colors. Decorate your fireplace mantel with rich navy, dark green, or black to welcome in the colder weather and give your home a fall makeover.

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Opt for Neutral Colors

Mantle with candles

Lara Feldman

If you love neutral color schemes, you don't have to change things up too much to give your home a fall facelift. Fill your mantel with beiges and browns for a warm look that's perfectly subtle and works well with a Scandi or minimalist look.

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Use Color

Colorful candlesticks

Melissa Sao

Decorating for fall doesn't have to mean using only muted or neutral colors. If you love a playful look, don't be afraid to use fun colors to welcome the season. Mix orange with bright blue or purple for a fun fall-friendly look that feels whimsical and filled with personality.