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30 Gorgeous Fall Planter Ideas to Spruce Up Your Porch

fall planter ideas

kirsten diane

One of the best ways to set the stage for your home's fall décor is by adding in a fall planter or two. These seasonal arrangements bring in plenty of autumnal style, while still drawing upon the fading greenery from the quickly-ending growing season. Keep reading to find a favorite fall planter of your own—we've picked a few of our favorites to get you started.

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Make Room for Mums

fall planter ideas mums

@jc design 1.1 / Instagram

Mums are the classic fall flower for your planters. They come in tons of colors and sizes, so have fun bringing in different varieties to create a mosaic of shapes and colors.

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Go Green (And White)

fall planter ideas green and white

finding lovely

Another winning fall color combo for your planters is green and white. To get this look in your planter, pair lush greenery with white blooms and a painted-white pumpkin or two.

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Get Creative With Planters

fall planter ideas creative planters

@jc design 1.1 / Instagram

What you put in your planters is important, yes. But half the fun of creating fall planters is picking out the pot the plants will go in. Get creative with the types of pots and planters you use to show off your seasonal style.

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Use Vertical Space

fall planter ideas fence vertical

@s.u.s.a.p. / Instagram

Fall planters look great on the ground, but they can also be hung on something too. We love this creative use of vertical space from S.U.S.A.P—the narrow and long planters add some fall foliage without taking up space on the precious ground below (or being too big that you'd bump your head!)

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Surround Outdoor Seating

fall planter ideas outdoor seating

@kirsten.diane / Instagram

For a backyard seating arrangement that looks straight out of lush fall garden, surround your outdoor seating with plenty of fall planters, filled with seasonal favorites like mums and dried grasses.

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Switch It Up for Halloween

fall planter ideas halloween

@wildrosecountryhome / Instagram

To change out your fall planters for Halloween, no need to replace your plants. Instead, just place a pumpkin on the planters for a low-maintenance, spooky look.

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Hydrangeas Can Help

fall planter ideas hydrangeas

@s.u.s.a.p. / Instagram

Hydrangeas may scream 'spring,' but one of these blooms in a more muted color, or a dried hydrangea stem, can add some subtle seasonal beauty to your fall planter.

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Add a Sign

fall planter ideas seasonal sign

emily henderson design

Add a seasonal sign to an existing planter to get it ready for fall, like Emily Henderson Design did in the outdoor space above.

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Vary Height

fall planter ideas height variation

@s.u.s.a.p. / Instagram

One of the keys to creating a great fall floral arrangement is the use of stems and bouquets in various heights. Adding some tall and narrow grasses alongside some short and bushy dried flowers creates visual interest and contrast.

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Add in Aster

fall planter ideas asters

finding lovely

Mums aren't the only fall flower in town—for a daintier fall flower look, try out asters. These hardy blooms come in a variety of colors to match whatever your fall color scheme may be.

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Match Your Wreath

fall planter ideas matching wreath

@luckyplot13 / Instagram

For a cohesive fall front door look, match your planter to your wreath. The two don't need to be perfectly coordinated, but a few common elements will go far in creating a put-together look.

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Try Faux Foliage

fall planter ideas faux foliage

casa watkins living

To bring some fall flora indoors, don't forget about using faux fall foliage. It's less messy than its real counterparts, and it will stay 'fresh-looking' for way longer too. It's a great way to add a lush fall look inside with a no-maintenance and no-mess technique.

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Bring in the Brassicas

fall planter ideas brassicas

finding lovely

Consider adding some fall brassicas, like cabbage or kale to your fall planter. These unique additions provide texture and a beautiful touch of washed-out green.

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Think in the Box

fall planter ideas cedar box

@wildrosecountryhome / Instagram

To elevate your fall planter look (in more ways than one!), use a cedar planter box to place your potted plant in.

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Deck Out the Back Door

fall planter ideas back door

@kirsten.diane / Instagram

Fall planters aren't just a front door favorite—they can be great additions to back door too. Planters by the back door offer a chance to really get creative and have fun, especially when compared to the more formal expectations of a front door look.

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Purple Makes It Perfect

fall planter ideas

@luckyplot13 / Instagram

Fall planters needn't be only shades of orange, red or yellow—they can be purple too. Lucky Plot 13 makes purple look seasonal in her fall planters by adding in a few other fall motifs like pumpkins.

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Put in a Few Pumpkins

fall planter ideas pumpkins

@kirsten.diane / Instagram

Pumpkins are a crucial addition to any fall planter setup. Not only do they bring the perfect touch of fall style, but they can also provide some coordinating fall color too.

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Time for the Tabletop

tabletop fall planter ideas

Finding Lovely

Planters aren't only for porches—(tiny) planters can be for tables too. Fill a small fall planter with a few of your favorite fall blooms for a stunning seasonal centerpiece.

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Go Neutral

fall planter ideas neutral

Finding Lovely

For a neutral-looking fall planter arrangement, use white mums alongside other grays, whites, and creams. This calming color combo can still give off a fall look, especially if you use painted pumpkins or gingham too.

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Try Lantana or African Daisies

lantana african daisy fall planter ideas

Finding Lovely

Looking for more fall flowers to use in your planters? Try out lantana, which feature tiny clusters of colorful flowers, or African daisies, which are full of bursts of bright color.

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Make a Mini Planter

mini fall planter ideas

finding lovely

For a pint-sized fall planter, get creative and use what you already have, like a mug or small vase. Plus, using a fall-themed mug is an easy to bring in some seasonal style too.

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Fill It With Décor

fall planter ideas with decor

finding lovely

Who says fall planters need to be filled with plants? To shake things up (and to avoid having to water any plants), fill your planters with some fall décor instead, like Finding Lovely did with these stacked pumpkins.

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Add Trailing Plants

fall planter ideas trailing plants

finding lovely

To create a full-looking fall planter, use trailing plants like creeping jenny or ivy to reach down and add further depth and visual interest.

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Try a Tree

fall planter ideas

emily henderson design

A tree may seem a bit much for a planter, but it can be the perfect touch of green, especially when it's next to pumpkins and other fall décor.

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Start Small

fall planter ideas small

emily henderson design

If you don't have a pot large enough to fit a planter-style arrangement, place some small pots together for a similar look.

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Try Concrete Planters

fall concrete planter ideas

@kirsten.diane / Instagram

For a more modern look on a fall planter, use a concrete pot or planter. These sleek additions help tone down the kitsch that fall decor can sometimes bring.

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Make It Local

fall planter ideas local

rikki snyder

To create a fall planter look that's true to you and your home, look around your property or garden for stems and blooms to add to your arrangement. This is a great way to bring in a few native flowers too.

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Switch Out Décor Instead

fall planter ideas use decor

finding lovely

Don't feel like switching out your planters, but still want to give them that fall feel? Add some fall pattern or décor, like the gingham rug and wicker pumpkin above in the space by Finding Lovely, for an easy fall look.

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Bring the Outside In

fall planter ideas repurpose centerpiece

rikki snyder

Have a stunning outdoor fall planter and a table in need of a temporary centerpiece? Bring the planter inside. A low and wide fall planter that's been cleaned of any outdoor dirt or debris is the perfect last-minute centerpiece.

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Make It Maximalist

fall planter ideas maximalist

wild rose country home

Take a maximalist approach to your fall planters for tons of seasonal style. Add a few planters to your porch, and then add some to the vertical space surrounding your door too.