If You Only Listen to One Podcast This Fall, Make It One of These

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Now that fall is upon us, we're entering the unofficial height of the entertainment season. Seemingly every week in September, new television pilots are airing, Oscar-worthy films are premiering, and critically acclaimed books are hitting shelves. Luckily for fans of podcasts, autumn also brings premieres of exciting new shows (not to mention, new seasons of beloved favorites).

This season, there are a lot of compelling podcasts to cue up. From the debut of a thrilling podcast that tells the story of the largest unsolved art heist in history to the return of Sarah Koenig's seriously addictive Serial, these are the nine most-anticipated fall podcasts of 2018 to subscribe to stat. Grab your headphones and get ready to binge listen to these noteworthy podcasts, including a riveting true-crime pod that has already garnered over 11700 reviews and a five-star rating.

Dr. Death (September 4)

Dr. Death

The latest series from Wondery, the network behind the hit podcast Dirty John, Dr. Death delves into the unbelievable true story of an unqualified spinal surgeon who brazenly broke the doctor's "do no harm" creed with deadly consequences. The riveting true-crime pod has already earned an impressive 11700 reviews and a solid five-star rating.

Promising review: "This true story is truly stranger than fiction," writes one iTunes reviewer. "It makes me want to think twice before blindly trusting the hospital system."

The Secret History of the Future (September 4)

The Secret History of the Future

"Change your perception of the past and you'll discover the secret history of the future" is the lofty premise of a new podcast from Slate and The Economist, The Secret History of the Future. Episodes dive into dense topics such as artificial intelligence, cyber attacks, and virtual reality in a way the even the non-tech savvy can enjoy.

Promising review: "The first episode is so great; can't wait to hear more," writes one iTunes reviewer.

Uncover: Escaping NXIVM (September 5)

Uncover: Escaping NXIVM

A former recruiter for the cult NXIVM shares the story of how she finally escaped the group. Complete with insider knowledge of the "humanitarian community," Uncover: Escaping NXIVM is a must-listen podcast for all true crime fans.

Promising review: "I'm a huge fan of true crime, but wasn't into Serial or S-Town at all. THIS is hands down my favorite podcast of all time," writes one iTunes reviewer. "I'm obsessed and drop everything the second I see a new episode is out."

Ellen on the Go (September 10)

Ellen on the Go

For those of us who can't tune in to The Ellen DeGeneres Show at 4 pm PST on a workday, Ellen on the Go offers an audio catch-up of the week's shows with never-before-experienced, behind-the-scenes insider insights.

Promising review: "So cool to get behind the scenes on this show," writes one iTunes reviewer. "Who doesn't love Ellen!"

Ear Hustle (September 12)

Ear Hustle

Ear Hustle, the podcast produced from inside San Quentin State Prison, is back with more honest, funny, nuanced stories from people living within America's prison system in season three. 

Promising review: "I love that this is entirely created behind bars," writes one iTunes reviewer. "In a working prison, the stories and culture are so intriguing!"

Last Seen (September 17)

Last Seen

From the Boston public radio station WBUR and The Boston Globe, Last Seen examines the largest unsolved art heist in history: the theft of 13 paintings, including works by Rembrandt, Vermeer, and Manet, from the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston in 1990.

Promising review: "I am so psyched for a true-crime show that is not a murder. Being from Boston, this hometown mystery has always fascinated me," writes one iTunes reviewer. "Can't wait till the show comes out in September!"

Serial, Season 3 (September 20)


Arguably the most anticipated podcast premiere of the year, Serial season three is going to take listeners back into the courtroom. This time, Sarah Koenig is examining multiple cases from the courtroom to the judges' chambers to the neighborhoods of Cleveland.

Promising review: "If you enjoy This American Life, you will likely love this fantastic podcast," writes one iTunes reviewer. "Excellent, excellent journalist and wonderful storytelling."

The Dream (September 24)

The Dream

Another podcast from a former This American Life producer, each episode of The Dream focuses on a get-rich-quick scheme. Hosted by Jane Marie, a Peabody- and Emmy Award-winning journalist, The Dream promises to be one of most binge-worthy pods of the season.

Promising review: "This sounds so good! I can't wait for all the episodes," writes one iTunes reviewer.

The Shadows (September 25)

The Shadows

Kaitlin Prest, the host and creator of Radiotopia's hit podcast The Heart, presents The Shadows, a fictional podcast about a romantic relationship loosely based on her own life.

Promising review: "It sounds wild, and given Prest’s tendency to push the boundaries of comfort, it probably will be," according to Vulture.

Ed. note: Reviews have been edited and condensed for clarity. 

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