Fall Refresh: 7 Ways to Renew Your Work-From-Home Space

Ready to makeover your workspace? These items should provide inspiration.

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Many of us have been working from home for well over a year now. Even for those with the cushiest WFH set-ups, that’s enough time to have your workspace feeling a little stale. So why wait any longer to give your space an easy upgrade? A few simple additions can create some chic and cozy office vibes to close out the year. These ideas should give you plenty of inspiration on how to bring some serious style to your home office.

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Go Vintage with a Velvet Chair

QVC Home Reflections Velvet Pleated Office Chair H226541

There’s no rule saying an office chair needs to be boring. The velvet upholstery on this sleek, vintage-inspired chair can add a splash of color to your workplace. The wheels and cozy seat make it just as mobile and comfortable as the more typical, yawn-inducing office chairs, meaning that style doesn’t require any sacrifice on your part. Plus, if you use a corner of your living room instead of a designated room, it will look much more natural than a traditional office chair. 

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Balance Style and Storage with Your Desk

QVC Versanora Home Office Computer Desk Metal Base H405106

When you’ve got a desk like this one, you don’t need a ton of space to show off some style. This combination of metal and faux-marble is eye-catching, but can also complement other furniture in the room. For instance, if you have wooden bookshelves in your office, the light color of this desk will provide a nice contrast. Although you can feel free to stack as many books as you want on this sturdy, dependable desk.  

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See Your Space in a New Light

QVC Hudson & Canal Theia Globe Style Floor Lamp H311264

The simplicity of this brass-and-bulb lamp can give any room more of an airy feel. If you have to work late one night, you’ll be especially thankful for the warm glow of this elegant lighting fixture. Because relying on overhead lighting can sometimes make a room feel sterile and antiseptic, which isn’t exactly motivating when you’re working long hours. 

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Add a Functional Fabric Accent

QVC Honey-Can-Do 3-Drawer Fabric Storage Organizer H338197

Closed storage is essential for home offices, but don’t even think about bringing in a clunky metal filing cabinet. If you already have one, it’s time to replace it with this adorable wood-topped fabric storage unit. It’s surprisingly spacious, with plenty of room to keep your desk clear, and is yet another opportunity to bring some color into your workspace. 

Discover the Honey-Can-Do 3-Drawer Fabric Storage Organizer

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Give New Life to Bare Walls

QVC Wooden Bead Hanging Wall Art by Lauren McBride H226430

Bare walls can start to feel bleak after a while. And even if you already have some art hanging in your WFH space, you could probably use something new to look at by this point. These hanging beads are a simple way to create a more dynamic room. On the off-chance that you ever grow bored or tired while working, you might find this abstract piece a source of inspiration. 

See the Wooden Bead Hanging Wall Art by Lauren McBride

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Get Your Green On

QVC S/4 Fern and Eucalyptus Greenery Picks by Valerie H225623

Not an expert gardener? Not a problem. You can still add some greenery to your workspace. A faux plant can have your office space looking more vibrant than ever. You can put them anywhere in the room without worrying about how much sunlight they’re getting. And you won’t even have to interrupt your work day to water them. 

Explore S/4 Fern and Eucalyptus Greenery Picks by Valerie

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Elevate Your Bookshelves. Literally

QVC Foreside Home & Garden Wire Metal Grid Wall Shelfl H389930

If you’re tired of your workspace, that means that the coworkers you meet with on video calls are probably tired of it too. Spice up your background by installing one of these floating shelves. You can even stack some of those plants on the shelves to make it even more interesting. It’s a relatively simple feature that can have your home office looking brand new. 

Take a closer look at the Foreside Home & Garden Wire Metal Grid Wall Shelf - Small