12 Fall Wedding Ideas That Will Inspire Every Kind of Bride

Many consider wedding season to be in full swing during summer, as brides and grooms take advantage of vacation days, warm weather, and sunshine, but more and more brides are choosing to tie the knot in fall. A 2016 study conducted by The Knot found September and October to be the most popular months to wed. If you have wedding bells tolling as the leaves turn, the inspiration is endless for turning your nuptials into a one-of-a-kind timeless experience fitting for the season. Instead of bright summer florals, it's all about moody, romantic tones inspired by the changing seasons to set the tone for your big day. We reached out to the wedding experts of 100 Layer Cake to have them weigh in on the top fall wedding ideas you can expect to see this year.

Meet the Expert

Amanda Dawbarn is the co-founder and creative director of wedding-focused blog 100 Layer Cake.

From harvest-inspired floral arrangements to autumnal palettes in dusty pinks, antique ivories, and soft plums, to cozy and inviting cocktails, there are so many ways to honor the season while exchanging your vows. Keep reading to discover 12 fall wedding ideas that will inspire every kind of bride. Major wedding inspiration, ahead.

Florals in Soft Plum

fall wedding bouquet
Jackie Wonders via 100 Layer Cake

So much of the mood of the wedding is set by the color scheme through décor details and florals. "Bouquets with seasonal flowers and foliage are always trending in fall, but soft plums give them a moodier palette," says Dawbarn.

Harvest-Inspired Floral Arrangements

fall wedding boutonnière
Mandee Johnson via 100 Layer Cake

Worried your floral options won't be as beautiful as spring/summer blooms? Think again. "Can't follow a bridal bouquet trend without a complementary boutonnière," says Dawbarn. "This harvest arrangement is an inspired pick in the fall."

Archways Adorned in Seasonal Flowers

fall wedding alter
Mandee Johnson via 100 Layer Cake

Fall is a season to connect with nature, so incorporate it wherever you can. "Lush arches adorned with flowers and greens bring an altar to life," explains Dawbarn.

Lanterns for Lighting

fall wedding lighting
Jackie Wonders via 100 Layer Cake

Sometimes the simplest solutions can be the most impactful, especially when it comes to fall wedding ideas. Dawbarn notes that "warm-toned lanterns on the floors and tables are popular because they keep the lighting romantic and intimate."

Dusty Autumnal Hues

fall wedding cake
Mandee Johnson via 100 Layer Cake

If you're looking for a lighter palette, faded rose and antique ivory bring striking color while still feeling fitting for the season. "Delicate flowers in a dusty palette give off a romantic autumn vibe," says Dawbarn.

Pumpkins as Centerpieces

fall wedding centerpiece
Hazelwood Photo via 100 Layer Cake

"You don't have to have a Halloween or Thanksgiving theme to have pumpkins in your wedding," Dawbarn says. They're a fun and quirky fall wedding idea, too. "These centerpieces are subtle and seasonal," she says.

Classic Fall Cocktails

fall wedding cocktails
100 Layer Cake

"'Tis the season for signature drinks," declares Dawbarn. "Everyone loves a classic fall cocktail." Serve up a cozy and inviting bourbon recipe for your guests.

Hot Cocoa Bars

fall wedding drinks
Dawn Charles via 100 Layer Cake

For a nonalcoholic option that still warms up guests, Dawbarn explains that hot cocoa bars are huge this time of the year. "Create a DIY version so guests can add all the fixings themselves," she says.

Festive Punches of Fall Color

fall wedding tablespread
Emily Delamater via 100 Layer Cake

A fall wedding doesn't mean you're limited to somber tones. Brighten things up with a pop of color. Dawbarn notes how "classic fall-inspired palettes are given a vibrant twist in tablescapes like this."

Cinnamon Roll Cake

fall wedding pie
Rosencrown via 100 Layer Cake

Sweeten things up with an unexpected cake style. "Pie tables are big this time of year, but something like a cinnamon roll cake will make your dessert table unique."

Apples as Décor

fall wedding décor
Rosencrown via 100 Layer Cake

When decorating, it's possible to underscore the autumnal vibes with the simplest of details. "We love seeing apples as décor," Dawbarn says. "Whether on a place setting or as a focal point in the venue."

Woodland Elements

outdoor fall wedding
Hazelwood Photo via 100 Layer Cake

If your wedding is outdoors, so much beauty is already provided by nature. "For a woodland wedding, stack pumpkins and candles on logs as décor," suggests Dawbarn.

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