6 Signs You’re Falling Out of Love With Your Partner

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While there may have been a time when you were deeply in love with your partner, the reality is that sometimes these intense feelings of joy and bliss don’t always last. And while you may truly care about your partner and want the very best for him or her, it’s important to be able to recognize the six clear signs that you’re actually falling out of love with this person. Of course, the last thing you ever want to do is hurt this person, but it’s imperative that you listen to your own heart as well.

1. You’re not looking forward to spending time together.

One of the clear signs that you’re falling out of love with your partner is that you’re not that interested in hanging out with them, having any alone time together, or being close and intimate with one another. In fact, while there may have been a time when all you wanted to do is be together and hang out, this desire to be inseparable seems to be few and far between. In a word, if having to be with your partner alone is an unappealing and unpleasant thought, your next thought should be that you’re falling out of love with this person.

2. You’re not open with your partner.

Another tell-tale sign that you’re falling out of love with your partner is that you no longer have a need, energy or desire to open up. And while you may have once been completely forthright, honest, and more than willing to share your inner-most feelings and emotions with him or her, you’re suddenly not that interested in even discussing with your partner what’s really on your mind. And when you no longer want to be open with him or her, this is a clear indicator that the loving chapter of your relationship is now coming to a close.

3. You seek out opportunities to be without your partner.

Would you rather spend time alone or with others over spending time with your partner? In fact, you may find yourself going out of your way to plan nights out with your group of friends, seeing movies by yourself just to get away, or even taking the long way home from work in order to avoid having to be with your partner for a moment longer than you have to. In other words, when you’re trying to find different ways to be without your significant other, it’s clear that your feelings for this person are now without love.

4. You choose silence over disagreements with your partner.

An additional indicator that you’re falling out of love with your partner is that you no longer speak up when you have disagreements. And while it may seem surprising that a lack of conflict is a sign of fading feelings, you may opt to stay silent when you no longer love your partner because you feel it’s not worth fighting anymore. When you choose to avoid arguments rather than problem-solve and work through issues together as a couple, it’s apparent that you’re falling out of love. 

5. You’re feeling hopeless about your future together.

An added sign is simply based on how you’re feeling about your future as a couple. In fact, if you feel unhappy, unoptimistic, and uncomfortable with the thought of being with this person for the long run, the short answer is that you’re falling out of love with him or her. In a word, if your future together seems dull and dim, your loving feelings are burning out.

6. You’re longing for someone and/or something else.

It's a bad sign if you’re often thinking about someone and/or something else. In fact, you may be longing for the idea of a different partner who doesn’t even exist in your life yet. And when you know in your heart that you want to be with someone else or want something more in a mate, and perhaps from a relationship as well, it’s clear that the love you had for your current partner is no longer there.

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