Fall's Most Popular Wellness Beverage Will Surprise You


 Castilho, Rua/ FoodStock

Everyone loves the taste of vinegar, whether it’s as a dressing on your summer salad, or a way to perk up a side of fries. In other words, vinegar is almost always used as a flavor enhancer, and is never the star of the show. Until now.

According to a new piece from Well + Good, vinegar is on the verge of becoming the breakout beverage of the fall. According to certified nutritional practitioner and Conscious Conversations podcast host Chloe Elgar, vinegars have multiple health benefits, from aiding with digestion and circulation, to regulating stomach acid. Elgar also explains that drinking vinegar can be good for your lungs, too. “Vinegar is great for the respiratory tract because you naturally get acid from vinegars, which helps any buildup of mucus,” she says.

It’s no wonder that brands have begun their quest to bottle this magical elixir and bring it to consumers in a more palatable form. BluePrint, Suja, and Kevita have all recently launched vinegar-based drink lines, in which they add muddled fruit and sugar to make it as close to a fruit juice as possible. Most of these beverages also contain added beneficial components like ginger cayenne, and turmeric. “The vinegars have great health benefits on their own, but what’s really wonderful about drinking vinegars is you’re getting an enhanced benefit of the herbs,” adds Elgar.

As for when people should consume their vinegar-based beverages, BluePrint’s general manager, Alex Galindez suggests drinking them first thing in the morning to “help jump-start digestion and eliminate toxins in the body.” If you’re not a morning person now, you will be.

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