How to Create a Family-Friendly Home That's Stylish Too

Designing your dream home is equal parts excitement (cue internal squeals of joy) and mild anxiety. Pinning your mood boards and selecting the furniture is the fun part, but planning how it all fits together can be incredibly daunting. Then add a kid-friendly dynamic into the mix and you've officially raised the difficulty meter. Striking that balance between the practical needs of a family and the fashionable elements you personally love isn't easy. But we love a challenge at MyDomaine HQ, so we set off on a quest to find a few design tactics to make the practical and pretty design process a whole lot simpler.

To guide us through the family-friendly options, we tapped the expertise of three top interior designers: Celebrity designer Jarret Yoshida; Shannon Wollack and Brittany Zwickl of Studio Life.Style; and Natasha Baradaran. And there's one thing they all agree on: You shouldn't have to compromise on taste. "There are so many ways you can make a room feel sophisticated and elevated, yet practical," Wollack told MyDomaine. And according to Yoshida, perfection is overrated anyway. "The visual perfection we see in media happens because there are people hired to make things look that way for every single shot," he explains. "Your home is family-friendly because you have friends or family there. A little clutter never hurt anyone." Hear, hear. Designing a family home might not be as tricky as we thought—here's the simple way to do it.