Don't Stress: This Gift Guide Has Something for Everyone in the Family


Original Illustration by Stephanie DeAngelis

Buying gifts for everyone in the family can be overwhelming. There might be a toddler who's not afraid to voice their opinion when opening gifts, a grandparent who loves to complain that they don't need anything, or a particularly hard-to-please mother-in-law in the picture. Facing this much gifting pressure may push us to buy presents at the very last minute, but the reality is there's no better time to attack your holiday shopping list than in the midst of Black Friday sales.

Because we know there is an enormous task at hand, we've prepared a gift guide that covers everyone in your family—from the family's best chef to the jet-setting cousin. If you order now, you'll have ample time to step up your gift wrapping game—and it won't involve scotch-taping packages in the back of the car on Christmas Eve (yes, we have been guilty as charged). Don't procrastinate any longer—we've got everyone in your family covered.