Inside a Bright and Airy L.A. Home With Major Vacation Vibes

Confession: We've always had a soft spot for an all-white interior. While we adore bright colors and maximalist looks, nothing will make our jaws drop to the floor quicker than a minimal, bleached-out home (although our arm could be twisted for this décor trend). So, of course, you can imagine our reaction when we came across this striking California beauty. Homeowner Michelle Wenke is the founder and designer of lifestyle clothing brand Monrow, and it's clear her effortless style permeates the design of her family abode too.

Wenke transformed the 1948 ranch into a contemporary masterpiece, bringing the outdoors in with a true open-plan layout and skylights that flood the interior with a soft, warm glow. With two young children, Wenke knew this minimal, open design would allow for more freedom (the kids can come and go as they please from the backyard to the kitchen) and encourage that relaxed vacation vibe every mom needs. Ahead, Wenke shares her notes on the design process and the challenges she had along the way.