Everything in Gray Malin's New Photo Series, Far Far Away

Gray Malin's New Photo Series, Far Far Away
Courtesy of Gray Malin

You can credit Gray Malin for single-handedly adding a pop of bright aquamarine to countless rooms; his famed Beach photo series quickly became a favorite among art collectors and interior designers alike. But for his new series, Far Far Away Part 2, Malin captures another kind of salty landscape: Salar de Uyuni, the world's largest salt flat, located in Bolivia. 

A follow-up to his original Far Far Away series, which produced one of his many renowned images, "Llamas Black & White Balloons," Far Far Away 2 sought to "execute larger ideas to challenge the viewer to think more broadly about color theory and how unexpected items are perceived in this geographically unique environment," reads his artist statement. Together with Bolivian artist Gastón Ugalde, his son, and manager Mariano, two engineers, a painter, and three assistants, Malin returned to the Salar in April of 2017 to make his vision a reality.

"With an overarching emphasis of color theory combined with the juxtaposition of unexpected shapes, objects, and animals, the second installment of Far Far Away delivers a brand-new collection of whimsical images that showcase the art of mastering an image in frame without the illusion of manipulation," he continues. "This body of work is left up to the viewer to interpret; for Gray, it’s about capturing the whimsical happiness of a place unknown."

Next up, inside photographer Gray Malin's coastal-inspired home.

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