15 Essentials for Your Weekly Farmer's Market Trip

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Produce at farmers market

Mark Edward Atkinson / Getty Images

Farmer's markets are a weekend joy that requires time, patience, and preparation. From storing freshly picked produce to organizing all of your goods, it's important to maintain freshness but also make them easily accessible when it comes to preparing your meal. Make every farmer's market trip an easy-going activity—both during and after—with these 15 farmer's market essentials.

Urban Outfitters Pax Checkerboard Berry Colander Dish

Pax Checkerboard Berry Colander Dish

Urban Outfitters

Rinse your berries and eat them straight out of this berry colander dish that mimics a berry carton. The slit design will drain the excess water when washing them. It's also a cute way to present your berries if guests are over, or use it to store them in your refrigerator.

Vejibag Fresh Vegetable Crisper Bags

Vejibag Fresh Vegetable Storage Bags


Reduce the use of plastic bags when you go to the market with these reusable vegetable crisper bags. The bags are made up of 100% cotton, so they store your produce and keep them fresh and crispy throughout the week, so you have the best ingredients for any meal you prepare. The set comes in three different-sized bags, so you can pick and choose what to store in each one.

Ekobo Citrus Juicer

Citrus Juicer


Fresh juice is a trademark of any farmer's market, but sometimes, it's better to just buy the fruit at the market and make the juice yourself back at home. Not only will you get more for what you're paying for, but you have the choice to customize the juice to your liking by choosing what goes into it and how much you want to make.

Bee's Wrap Reusable Herb Bags (Set of 3)

Bee's Wrap Reusable Herb Bags (Set of 3)


Fresh herbs make a huge difference in any dish or drink you prepare. Maintain their quality with these reusable herb bags that can be brought on any farmer's market run. Once you've picked up your herbs, you can also wash them in the bags as well, so they save you time and trouble.

Henry Julier Outline Baskets

outline baskets


If you're the type to leave fruit out in the open—this is the perfect item for you. Reduce the clutter on your dining table or kitchen counters with these colorful baskets. Throw your newly bought fruit into these baskets and you'll have a neat and aesthetic bowl of fruit waiting for you.

Coming Soon Vintage Travel Wine Cooler

wine cooler

Coming Soon

A sunny day is the most ideal weather to make a quick trip to the farmer's market, but sometimes it makes keeping beverages cold a bit difficult. If you're picking up a bottle of wine for the upcoming weekend's rendezvous, keep it chilled by bringing a wine cooler with you to the market. The Coming Soon Vintage Wine Cooler has a handle, so it's easily portable and manageable to carry along with the rest of your groceries.

Olli Ella Rattan Rolling Market Cart

Rattan Rolling Cart


If you're picking up a big load of groceries from your local farmer's market, but don't have a helper or the arm strength to bring all those bags back home—look no further. A rolling market cart will carry all of your groceries without the hassle. Because it's so deep, you'll be able to easily fit everything from baguettes to bouquets.

Urban Outfitters Robin Refrigerator Basket

Robin Refrigerator Basket

Urban Outfitters

We've all been there: it can be tempting to buy everything we see at the farmer's market, but then we face the problem of having no idea where and how to store everything once we're back home. These refrigerator baskets come in three different colors, so it'll make organizing everything easier by color-coding them.

Bellocq Biodegradable Tea Bags

Bellocq Biodegradable Tea Bags


Make yourself a warm and comforting cup of tea with these biodegradable tea bags. All you have to do is place a few spoonfuls of your newly-bought loose leaf tea into the paper filters and seal them accordingly. Afterward, you can dispose of the tea bag and feel good knowing they're biodegradable and compostable.

Urban Outfitters To-Go Market Bag

to-go market bag

Urban Outfitters

If it's a light week for your farmer's market trip, bring along a simple, netted bag for your weekly goodies. It's both lightweight and secure to hold the few items you may need.

Anthropologie Summer Farmer's Market Dish Towel

Summer farmer's market dish towel


This dish towel does it all: it gives your kitchen a cheerful appearance with its vibrant design, reminds you of what you should buy at the market, and dries your dishes. It's also very fitting with the farmer's market theme.

Urban Outfitters Macrame Produce Hanging Storage

Macrame Produce Hanging Storage

Urban Outfitters

Fruits are not only delicious and refreshing themselves, but they also make great pieces of decoration for any kitchen with their vibrant colors. A macramé hanger for storing produce is the perfect addition to any kitchen wall that needs a bit of dressing up. Store limes, oranges, or lemons, and you've got yourself a simple yet functional wall decoration.

Anthropologie Color Drop Enamel Jam Cup

Color Drop Enamel Jam Cup


Place newly bought spices and jams in these adorable mini cups to give your meal a pop of color. They come in three different colors and are easily portable for any summer trip like camping, a beach day, or a picnic in the park.

Urban Outfitters Frankie Egg Tray

Frankie Egg Tray

Urban Outfitters

Don't store your eggs in the plastic or cardboard container they came in. Instead, place and store them on an egg tray to elevate their look in your fridge—and so you don't forget about them. They'll still be easily taken in and out whenever you need them.

CapaBunga Multi-Pocket Canvas Grocery Tote

CapaBunga Multi-Pocket Canvas Grocery Tote


Keep track of everything you buy with the help of the compartments in this multi-pocket canvas grocery tote bag. The bag has compartments in a range of sizes, so there's a place to store small items like berries without them being squished next to big items like a carton of eggs. It will also make unpacking everything way easier when you get back home since you'll already know where everything is.