20 Farmhouse Kitchen Decor Ideas That Are Still Timeless

farmhouse kitchens

 Design: Rebecca Rollins Interiors, Photo: Shannan Leigh Photography

The thing we love most about interior design is the ability that redecorating has to transform your atmosphere, no matter where you're located. Case in point: You don't need to own a farm to enjoy the bygone charisma of one. With their reclaimed wood open shelving, painted cabinetry, apron-front sinks, rustic touches, and unpretentious design, nothing says home sweet home better than a farmhouse-style cooking space. Ahead, 20 ways to bring the charm of the south to your kitchen, whether you live in a big-city condo or a suburban track home.

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Try An Open Concept

farmhouse kitchen

 Design: DuVäl Reynolds, Photo: Stylish Productions

Farmhouse living is centered around cooking spaces that can accommodate large gatherings and big, hearty meals. If the budget allows, create an open concept with an island spacious enough to serve as the main gathering in your home.

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Display Your Treasures

farmhouse kitchen

Design: Sarah Fultz Interiors, Photo: Matti Gresham 

Curated shelves aren't just reserved for home offices and living rooms, kitchens (especially those inspired by farmhouse living) are also a perfect place to display rustic touches like well-worn antiques, unique finds, and entertaining essentials.

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Mix Old With New

farmhouse kitchen

Design: Mindy Gayer Design, Photo: Vanessa Lentine 

The charm of farmhouse decor is found in the perfect marriage of old-world finds and new-school design. This bright white kitchen boasts a squeaky clean look, while the vintage-style industrial stove takes you back in time.

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Let Farmhouse Style Take The Floor

farmhouse kitchen

Design: Katie Hodges Design, Photo: Haris Kenjar 

Eye-level design elements aren't the only ones that deserve the spotlight. The flooring you select is just as important as the color of your cabinets and the material of your counters. These honeycomb terracotta tiles perfectly tie together all the components of this farmhouse-inspired cooking space.

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Incorporate Tons Of Texture

farmhouse kitchen

Design: Katie Hodges Design, Photo: Amy Bartlam 

Authentic farmhouse living boasts acres of texture—think hay bales, wheat, and natural materials—so keep this in mind when redesigning a space. Consider incorporating tons of texture via shiplap, rattan, reclaimed wood, and fresh foliage.

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Go With Open Shelving

farmhouse kitchen

Design: Katherine Carter

Swap the traditional kitchen cabinet setup for open shelving, especially ones made of reclaimed slabs of wood. Stack plates, antique finds, platters for entertaining, and everyday essentials in plain sight for all to see and help themselves.

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Select The Perfect Range Hood

farmhouse kitchen

Design: Pure Salt Interiors, Photo: Vanessa Lentine

A range hood above the stove is the epitome of a farmhouse kitchen. Since it acts as a focal point for your layout, be sure to choose one with enough character to take on the rest of your gorgeous space.

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Hang Your Tools

farmhouse design

Design: Milk And Honey Life

There's something about hanging your cooking essentials and most-used tools that feels like farmhouse living. A copper rod with S hooks is all you need to store items like whisks, measuring cups, and spoons, and keep them within reach.

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Let The Light In

farmhouse kitchen

Design: Dan Rak, Photo: Diana Parrish

Real farmhouses are filled with fresh air and tons of natural light. Keep things light and airy via metallic details, bright white walls, tons of windows, and delicate design elements.

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Be Mindful Of Seating

farmhouse design

Design: Julia Alexander, Photo: Anna Yanovski 

We're big fans of a formal dining room, but this kitchen setup is what farmhouse décor dreams are made of. The white marble countertop contrasted by the industrial-inspired leather stools is inviting—just how the farmhouse style was designed to be.

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Think Outside The Box

farmhouse kitchen

Design: Emily Henderson, Photo: Tessa Neustadt 

We're obsessed with the personal and creative touch these glass-front cabinets boast. Upon second glance, you'll notice a pattern that mimics chicken wire, a material commonly found on any farm, making this kitchen design feel all kinds of authentic.

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Mix All Kinds Of Materials

farmhouse design

Design: Emily Henderson, Photo: Bethany Nauert 

Living on the farm inevitably incorporates as many raw materials inside the house as it does outside. This kitchen displays a perfect mix of wood, stone, metal, and stainless steel.

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Don't Shy Away From Bold Shades

farmhouse kitchen

 Design: Emily Henderson, Photo: Tessa Neustadt

Don't be fooled by traditional neutral-colored country kitchens of seasons past—there is absolutely a space for bold hues in your cooking corner. We love the shade of this sage-colored shiplap installed on the island.

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Be Mindful Of The Lighting

farmhouse decor

Design: GreyHunt Interiors, Photo: Christy Kosnic

Incorporating industrial-inspired lighting in your kitchen (and dining nook) will instantly turn up the farm-factor of any space. Look for elements like raw metals, exposed bulbs, and hanging designs for an authentic feel.

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Embrace Exposed Beams

farmhouse decor

Design: Becca Interiors

If you're lucky enough to have exposed beams in your home, give them the attention they deserve. Stain them in a dark shade and contrast them with a coat paint of bright white paint on the walls. If you don't currently have exposed beams, they're only a contractor call away.

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Go With Traditional Elements

farmhouse decor

Design: Rebecca Rollins Interiors, Photo: Shannan Leigh Photography

Cross-back chairs like the ones in this sprawling space are a quintessential farmhouse addition. The light blonde wood paired with the iron light fixtures, and black backdrop is kitchen perfection.

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Try An Achromatic Color Palette

farmhouse kitchen

Design: Proem Studio

Farmhouse decor can be approached in so many ways, creating a totally unique look in every setting. While some may choose to do farmhouse in a rainbow of hues, this achromatic approach proves to be equally gorgeous. The black and white color palette, accompanied by wooden accents proves to be chic, but still rustic at its core.

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Keep Original Tile Work

farmhouse kitchen

 Design: JDP Interiors, Photo: Amy Bartlam

When you're working on a redesign, gutting the space and starting fresh always seems to feel like step number one. However, whether you're redesigning your home or moving into a new old house, evaluate the original elements before you start demolishing. This kitchen looks like it boasts an original tile that fits right in (or dare we say, shines) in this updated space.

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Go With Kitchen Color Blocking

farmhouse kitchen

Design: Tyler Karu, Photo: Erin Little

We love the color blocking utilized in this kitchen. Not only does it create tons of visual interest, it feels modern, and also stretches the space vertically by painting the bottom half a darker greyish blue and reserving white only for the top half.

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Try A Variety Of Styles

farmhouse kitchen

Design: Bespoke Only

The beauty of the farmhouse style is it has a certain eclectic undertone—anything goes when it comes to decorating. This statement chandelier hanging above the kitchen's island is usually designed with luxurious details, but looks right at home in this farmhouse-inspired space.

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