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20 Farmhouse Living Rooms Chic Enough for Urban Dwellers


Katie Martinez

Few things are more relaxing than the thought of retreating to a more simplistic way of living. Perhaps you're dreaming of slow afternoons in the rolling hills, far from email notifications—or maybe you wish you were sitting on a porch watching the sunset, miles away from the sounds of city traffic. If the farmhouse fantasy has snuck into your mind on more than one occasion, it might be time to bring those countryside dreams to life with a few strategic décor upgrades.

Even if you're a city dweller, you can bring calm country notes into your home with a bit of natural furniture and pastoral accessories. It's as simple as snagging a few reclaimed wood dining chairs and washed linen slipcovered sofas. So make your space cozy and picturesque without sacrificing a drop of style.

Read on to get inspired by modern farmhouse living room décor ideas to combine the vibe with urban-chic style.

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Remember the Staples


Amy Bartlam; Design: Lindsey Brooke

"For any space in the house, I would try to integrate one or two key pieces that speak to the farmhouse style," says interior designer Ginny Macdonald. This farmhouse living room takes a simple approach, featuring wooden furniture and a warm leather couch. It's all in the little details: Plush seating, shiplap walls, and a traditional rug paired with farmhouse décor create an atmosphere that's just as fit for the city as it is for the country.

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Design Like a Lodge


Travis J. Photography; Design: Studio McGee

Mounted deer horns, stacked firewood, cowhide chairs, and a rustic chandelier transform this modern space into a farmhouse retreat. The choice of clean white walls to contrast a large fireplace helps the open layout feel contemporary and stylish, while the décor pays homage to the countryside. It's like stepping inside a stylish lodge with modern influences.

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Make It Modern


Amy Bartlam; DesignL Jette Creative

A staple of urban design is its clean, sleek lines. Mixed with rustic décor like mantel candelabras, leather accent chairs, and bundles of firewood, this bright living room perfectly meets between the two styles. A marble-topped coffee table and black leather pouf stool add a touch of modern personality, while a tall indoor plant keeps the room feeling fresh and natural.

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Layer Multiple Rugs


Ashley Montgomery Design

Much of the farmhouse design comes down to textiles: cowhide throws, woven furniture, and of course, traditional rugs. Give your space an element of depth by layering multiple area rugs in the living room. Styled with an inviting upholstered couch, accent chair, painted brick fireplace, and rustic shelving décor, the rugs in this cozy room tie the rest of the design together.

When choosing area rugs to layer in your living room, mix different textures together, like an oversized jute rug paired with a traditional design.

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Build an Industrial Den


Katie Martinez

With wood-beamed ceilings like this, a farmhouse feel is a natural fit. The bare-bulb chandelier, colorful furniture, and black shiplap fireplace wall add an industrial, barnyard feel to this otherwise modern space, while softer accents like wood floors and a neutral area rug keep the colors warm. It's a lovely juxtaposition between contemporary and traditional style.

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Welcome Through the Great Room


Studio McGee

Although this living room features a towering wood-beamed ceiling, the furniture makes the space feel intimate and cozy thanks to ample seating situated close together. The bright club chairs serve as a welcome contrast for the dark hardwood floors and deep brown ceiling. Add more welcoming aspects like fresh flowers to make any room feel more inviting.

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Highlight the Wildlife


Mindy Gayer

Since farmhouse design is inspired by the lifestyle itself, incorporate touches of farm living into your décor to complete the look. This living room pairs a large wall photo of a curious steer with a cowhide-upholstered accent chair. With bright white shiplap walls and a large traditional area rug, the space feels inviting with cozy pieces while keeping a clean, fresh style.

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Pay Attention to Architecture


Katie Martinez

The structure of this farmhouse living room with its A-frame wood ceiling and white, airy walls makes the space look like a renovated barn. "Farmhouse décor is super attainable because it doesn't have to be crazy expensive or precious," says Macdonald. "It's a very relaxed and cozy style that speaks to a lot of people." Here, an expansive fireplace draws attention to the ceiling height, and a polished metal pendant chandelier creates an industrial, country feel.

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Embrace Elegant Touches


Ashe + Leandro

This room expertly achieves Macdonald's vision of a farmhouse living room. Take away the jute rug, sandy wood floors, and exposed wood pillars, and this living room is entirely sophisticated and elegant. However, with these homey details, the room feels cozy, warm, and intimate. Blend quaint accents with chic furnishings to achieve the look in your own living room.

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Be Bright and Airy


KG Designs

A classic element of the modern farmhouse look is its use of white walls (and plenty of shiplap) with darker accents. This living room pairs the textured fireplace wall and A-frame ceilings with an industrial console table, upholstered bench seats, and a natural rug. If you're working with an all-white modern space, be sure to incorporate plenty of warm décor for the farmhouse feel.

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Use Mixed Materials


Ashley Montgomery Design

A variety of textures in your living room's materials helps complete the farmhouse finish. Plan plenty of leather into your design for the traditional look, and match it with softer decorations like a fur throw and plush area rug. This living room is begging us to take off our shoes, get comfortable, and sit back to admire its sleek-but-cozy style.

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Combine Rustic and Classic


Kate Osborne; Design: Studio McGee

Macdonald suggests sticking with neutral tones like white, cream, and oatmeal paired with wood and tan leather to obtain the farmhouse look—and this living room does it perfectly. A rustic chandelier frames the room filled with both modern and folksy elements, while a shiplap ceiling adds texture to the space. Bright white paint coats the room to contrast a woven leather bench that stands out among neutral furnishings. The room may be small, but various pieces of furniture make it feel curated and comfortable.

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Use Every Inch


Ashley Montgomery Design

For a bolder design, opt for mixed textures covering every surface in your living room. Here, stone walls and flooring contrast a warm wood ceiling and tiled fireplace for an extra-inviting space. This country look makes us want to enjoy a cup of coffee while gazing out over snow-covered fields. Plenty of soft elements like upholstered sofas and worn, layered rugs make the room feel lived-in and homey with a clean, traditional style.

Since the farmhouse lifestyle is often centered around gathering with family members and friends, choose an open concept design that brings dining and living room seating into the same space.

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Bring the Outdoors In


Katie Martinez

Even if you're working with a white-walled background, bringing natural elements from the outdoors into your living room can have a great impact on its finished look. This welcoming space complements an upholstered sofa with woven accent chairs and a fur throw pillow, while a stack of freshly-cut wood along the wall shelving invites guests to light a fire.

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Focus on Seating


Studio McGee

Inside this farmhouse living room, you'll notice small accent pieces that bring the countryside aesthetic to life. Note the pair of cowhide ottomans, the natural jute rug, and the mix-matched patterned throw pillows. All of these elements come together to create a space that's quintessentially country-chic.

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Highlight Southern Style


Katie Martinez

This home takes a page right out of the Southern décor playbook. It's bursting with varied patterns—from the rattan chairs' cushions to the wallpaper and chinoiserie vase—but its base colors remain relatively neutral. Get the look with modern rattan accent chairs fitted with eye-catching cushions, and play with bold wallpapers throughout each room.

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Take Inspiration From the French


Dreamy Whites Atelier

For a true French country farmhouse look that still feels bright and modern, spruce up your living room with antique furniture in soft colors. Since this room is filled with plenty of texture, the use of neutral hues allows it to keep the clean, fresh feeling with an abundance of character. Pair your furnishings with shiplap walls and white flowers to carry the brighter tones throughout the room.

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Choose Cozy Elements


Amy Bartlam; Design: D2 Interiors

A farmhouse is a place for gathering, curling up after a long day's work, and enjoying time with family members in an inviting setting—so choose your furniture to match the lifestyle. In this living room, plenty of seating centered around the coffee table allows multiple people to sit comfortably. Rather than opting for a matching set, the designer chose several different pieces that work wonderfully together. Leather armchairs bring texture to the space, while a large sofa and rocking chair add extra seating in style.

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Keep Colors Neutral


Mindy Gayer

If you're a fan of the farmhouse look but don't want to commit to a bold design, make a simple statement with neutral colors. Warm shiplap, a ceiling beam, and accents in the rug fill this room with natural tones, and white walls complements the cabinetry and throw pillows. A touch of black in the lighting and curtain hardware add depth to the space to draw the eye around the room.

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Keep It Traditional


Becca Interiors

Creamy white walls and an ivory sofa bring out a classic touch in this rustic living room. Lighter tones are offset by natural trim, which divides the rooms while extending the space out to the far window encased in matching wood. A few pops of color in the accent chairs, bookshelves, and greenery bring dynamic interest to this warm room with a traditional farmhouse style.