Farmhouse Living Rooms So Quaint You'll Want to Move to the Countryside

Few things are more relaxing than the thought of retreating to a more simplistic way of living. Perhaps you dream of slow afternoons spent lying in the grass on rolling hills far away from email notifications, or maybe sitting on a porch watching the sunset, miles from the sounds of traffic and the smell of stale city air. If this fantasy has snuck into your mind on more than one occasion, it might be time to bring your countryside dreams to life with a few strategic décor upgrades.

Even if you're an ardent city slicker, you can bring notes of the calm countryside into your home with a bit of natural furniture and a couple pastoral accessories. "Farmhouse to me is about rustic wood elements layered with vintage linens in a neutral toned palette," says interior designer Ginny Macdonald. It's as simple as snagging a few reclaimed wood dining chairs and washed linen slipcovered sofas, according to her. The only advice she has when it comes to this décor look: "Be careful not to go full-on barnyard or too shabby chic."

Ahead, we've rounded up a few of the most charming farmhouse living rooms we could find. They're cozy and picturesque without sacrificing a drop of style. Be inspired to turn your home into an idyllic country dream, no matter where you live.