This Fiber-Rich Grain Is Healthier Than Quinoa and Better Than Rice

When it comes to having your carbs and eating them too, unrefined and nutritious grains are the healthiest options. Today we're focusing on farro, quinoa's fiber-rich cousin. If you aren't familiar with the ancient grain, it has a chewy, hearty consistency, making it one of the healthiest comfort foods around. With far more nutrients than white rice, farro is loaded with protein, magnesium, iron, and fiber, the latter of which is essential for an efficient digestive system and metabolism.

Aside from those perks, farro is also insanely versatile. Indeed, it offers a ton of flexibility depending on your needs, as a cook as well as your cravings. From salads to sandwiches and bowls, you can cook with farro in just about any kind of dish type and cuisine. The options are pretty much endless. Scroll through to see our five favorite farro recipes that all yield unique, tasty, and healthy meals to power you through a busy workweek.