19 Coffee Table Books Every Fashion Lover Has at Home

If there's one area of your living room that should never be overlooked, it's the all-important coffee table. What it doesn't have in size it makes up for in stature. This humble piece of décor is key to setting the tone of your living room's entire design; in fact, for most, it is the focal point the interior is built around.

Since it's the center of attention, it deserves a stylish surface. Enter: the fashionable coffee table book. These trendy tomes are as chic as they are clever; their beautiful covers are filled with creativity and industry insight for the fashion obsessed. And they also make for great conversation starters.

And if your love for fashion is verging on obsessive territory, consider other places to style these outside of the traditional coffee table top. For my living room makeover, I chose to display our best fashion books on exposed metal bookshelves where the books double as artwork. Scroll down to find out which stylish spines we think every fashion lover should have on her coffee table.