7 Decorating Rules Fashion Girls Always Follow

Decorating a room is not too dissimilar to putting together a great outfit. You need a little old and a little new, you want to mix high with low, and you need the proportions to be just right. Just like fashion girls can pair a simple basic tee with a vintage skirt and the latest It bag and make it look like a million bucks, they also have the sense of style to create effortlessly chic interiors that are the envy of all.

Part of their success is due to their fearlessness toward risktaking. A vintage rug in a bathroom? Why not? How about a giant modern pendant light mixed with a vintage floral wallpaper? Or decorating an entire room with just one color? Nothing is out of the question when it comes to fashion girls and their décor taste. And the result is usually breathtaking. Want to elevate your space to feel a little more sophisticated, curated and put together? Start with the seven décor commandments fashion girls always follow.

They Seek Unique Items

bedroom with side table and a plant on the dresser
Courtesy of Sarah Sherman Samuel

Just like fashion girls know to source the most unique jewelry and shoes, they always strive to find homewares and furniture that feel unique. From a sculptural brass side table to a pink leather-wrapped bed or an oversize brass sconce—they aren't afraid to take risks to make their space feel anything but cookie-cutter.

They Put Vintage Rugs in the Bathroom

a bathroom with a vintage rug
Courtesy of Katie Martinez

Most people tend to shy away from vintage rugs—especially in spaces like the bathroom—but fashion insiders know that's exactly where you should use them. Not only are these rugs much more arresting than a simple bathmat, but they're also hardwearing and won't show new imperfections easily. The best part: Since bathrooms are notoriously small, you won't be spending as much on a vintage rug as if you were putting one in a larger space like the living room.

They Mix High and Low

a living room with a mix of high and low furniture
Courtesy of Katie Martinez

Sometimes, you need one object that really stands out to make a room memorable. So while you may be frugal with some aspects of your design, it can be worth splurging on one or two statement-making pieces to elevate the whole room. Think of it like pairing a Gucci belt with a simple white H&M tee and vintage jeans.

They Play With Proportions and Scale

a modern kitchen
Courtesy of Elizabeth Roberts

Interior design has a ton of rules for proportions and scale. Some of them are crucial to the functionality of a space—dining table and chairs height, for instance. Others are there to serve as a guide—and those are the rules that people with great style love to break. You can make such an arresting statement by introducing an oversize pendant to your space or playing with the scale of furniture. Once you've brushed up on classic interior design rules, don't be afraid to break them.

They Embrace Trends From Past Decades

a bedroom with floral wallpaper
Courtesy of Elizabeth Roberts

Just like fashion girls know exactly where to find the perfect vintage Yves Saint Laurent dress and how to pull it off, they are unafraid to look to decades past for interior inspiration. As a result: Anything goes, from floral wallpaper to burlwood furniture—but no matter which past trend they adopt, it's always paired in a way that looks fresh and modern.

They Invest in Artwork

a living room with art on the walls
Courtesy of Katie Martinez

It's easy to pick up a mass-produced print at your favorite décor shops, and it can feel intimidating to frequent galleries, online or physical, but fashion insiders know that original art is the key to a really stylish space. They also know that it doesn't have to cost a ton. By investing in smaller prints or emerging artists, they're able to keep costs down all the while making their space feel curated and sophisticated.

James Needham New York Wall Pink
James Needham New York Wall Pink $680

They Know the Power of a Good Neutral

a neutral bedroom
Courtesy of Space Exploration

Just like an all-white outfit can make a striking impact, so can an all-white room. Fashion girls aren't typically afraid of color, but they also know the power of neutrals and aren't afraid to use them to their advantage. Sometimes, a tone-on-tone color palette is all you need to create a sophisticated and calming interior.

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