10 Styling Tricks That Will Take Years Off Your Age, Say Fashion Veterans

Let's make one thing clear: There's no hard-and-fast rule when it comes to "dressing for your age"—you'll always look your best wearing whichever clothes you feel good in. But if you do find yourself looking for pieces that contribute to a younger-looking appearance, we've found a few surefire fashion items that will serve as a sartorial fountain of youth. Sure, having certain wardrobe essentials in your outfit rotation can contribute to an overall more stylish and fresh-feeling ensemble, as anyone who counts style muses like Angelina Jolie and Sarah Jessica Parker knows. To dig into more of the how and why behind fashion for women over 40, though, we beelined to the experts to dish their advice.

We tapped stylists Anita Patrickson, who's known for her Hollywood clients such as Julianne Hough, and HeatherMary Jackson, an editorial stylist and fashion director for Puss Puss Magazine and Fat Magazine. Both women are industry veterans who know a thing or two about good style—one flip through their recent work points to this. Both Patrickson and Jackson shared their ultimate style advice for women over 40, from the must-have wardrobe essentials to the items they would recommend retiring after a certain age.

Keep reading to learn their expert advice and shop the pieces they recommend along the way.

The best advice of all? Simply embrace clothing that makes you feel your best to ensure you'll always look it.

This story was originally published on Who What Wear.