How to Decorate in 2017, According to the Runway


Original Illustration by Stephanie DeAngelis

While we’re no fashion editors, we turn to fashion month season after season to spot the latest trends. With people everywhere adopting a more wholesome approach to lifestyle (we can do it all—in style), it’s no wonder street fashion and home décor go hand in hand. So while you may be stocking up on pajama tops for your closet, there’s a chance you’re also trying out the latest wrinkle-free silk pillowcase or sleeping mask. And if you’re filling your carts with Capri-inspired ruffles and rainbow stripes, chances are you’ll love classic bistro chairs and hand-painted Italian dinnerware for your kitchen.

We are already fascinated with how fashion designers and It girls style their homes. But how to we bridge the gap between our living room décor and the beloved items in our closets? We analyzed the spring 2017 runways to show you exactly how—with 10 of the most documented runway trends spotted this fashion month. Forget about keeping up with the Joneses—be the Joneses. You’ll be on the cutting-edge of trends with this runway-to-room report.