Ridding Yourself of These 10 Things Will Fast-Track You to Happiness

There are few things in life we focus on more than happiness—what to do more of or change to attain that ultimate state of bliss (we’ve even contemplated moving overseas). But what many don’t actually question is what we need to give up to be a more joyful person every day. Do you remember that whole less is more mentality? Well, according to a new article on Mind Body Green, a better life can be ours if we drop some of the habits we’re currently employing. Scroll down to see which customs you need to kick to the curb—and fast.

1. Rid yourself of your constant need to be right. We often harm some of our most important relationships by trying to prove a point. Guess what? It's just not worth it. 

2. Relinquish your want to control everything. As someone who used to try to manage every minute detail of every day, I finally learned that life is going to happen no matter what I do. Now, instead of stressing over the little things, I can appreciate living in the moment.

3. Stop blaming others. It's time to take responsibility when it comes to your feelings and how you live your life. If you're not pleased with something, look in the mirror instead of pointing a finger.

4. Forget about limiting yourself. Set what used to seem like an impossible goal, and then reach it. The only boundaries we have  are those we make for ourselves.

5. Do not complain. Stop moaning about every little thing that goes wrong. No one wants to be around a person who is constantly complaining, and you're not sending out any positive vibes into the world by doing so.

6. Stop trying to impress everyone else. Refrain from doing things that are just for show so you can attract a new group of friends or signifiant other. Let people get to know the real you—they'll like you better.

7. Rid yourself of your opposition to change. Even though it can be one of the scariest things to embrace, it's good for you. Some of the best things come from altering your plans or way of living.

8. Stop looking to the past. It's fine and even sometimes fun to take a peek at old photos and reminisce. But if you're obsessed with what used to be, start focusing on the future instead. The only way to move forward is to stop looking back.

9. Forget about making excuses. Procrastination is all about crafting reasons why we can't do something. You'll be ten times more productive if you just do the things you need to...and it will give you much more time to do the things you enjoy.

10. Give up living your life how you think others would want you to live it. So often we think we can't do certain things for fear of what other people would think: Is that appropriate? Will I still fit in? Make your decisions based on what will bring you joy and others will respect you for having enough self-love to do so. 

For more habit-ridding ideas to achieve happiness, visit Mind Body Green

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Is there something you had to give up to bring yourself happiness? What was it? Let us know below.