This Is the Fastest (and Slowest) Airline in America

If you’re planning a trip this holiday season and have yet to book your travel arrangements, you might want to pause before you select the airline carrier. When it comes to fast flights and fewer delays, new research shows that not all airlines are created equal. According to Five Thirty Eight Life’s findings, which compiled data from the Bureau of Transportation Statistics in conjunction with an assessment of airline performances, delays, and the quickness of different routes, Virgin America is the “indomitable Michael Jordan of airlines, generally saving its passengers seven minutes from gate to gate compared to its peers.” Virgin is followed closely by Alaska and Delta.

The slowest and worst airline? Spirit Airlines, which adds 11 minutes on average to a person’s total flight time. When booking a cross-country flight that involves a layover, it’s best to try to avoid cities that are affected by extreme weather conditions, as this will cause delays. If you can stay away from Chicago’s Midway, Baltimore/Washington International, Denver, O’Hare, and McCarran International in Las Vegas, do so. Travel + Leisure reported that these airports have the worst winter delays around. 

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Where are you flying this holiday season?