The Most Popular Emoji in Every State

A new map of the United States is available, courtesy of SwiftKey, and it’s very revealing! The keyboard app has just published a study detailing the most popular emoji in each state. It analyzed more than a billion emoji and came up with this awesome infographic. We’re not that surprised by Californians loving the car or Arizona locals picking the cactus, but we can’t really figure out what’s behind Louisiana’s obsession with the eggplant. Or why Vermont chose the poop icon as opposed the maple syrup emoji! Read on to see what other states use as their emoji favorites.

California: car

Arizona: cactus

Oregon: Star of David

Washington: music notes

Utah: lollipop

Texas: grapes

Idaho: sunflowers

Montana: fish on a hook

Colorado: book

Kansas: camera

North Dakota: a dress

Ohio: ice cream

Illinois: gas pump

Mississippi: “100”

Maryland: jeans

Indiana: Nintendo

Nebraska: snail

Wisconsin: church

Alabama: elephant

Check out the rest of the United States of Emoji on SwiftKey's interactive map.

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Which state surprised you the most with its emoji love? Share your thoughts in the comments!