Put On Your Love Goggles—Your February Horoscope Is Here

Updated 02/23/18

At MyDomaine, we want to prepare you for all of life’s challenges, and what better way to do that than by getting some foresight from the stars? Each month, we’ll be bringing you your horoscope along with a power product to help you get through the month, handpicked by our resident horoscope expert, Amelia Quint. If you’re changing careers, moving into a new home, or getting married, consider yourself in good hands. Ahead, Quint shares what to expect in your February horoscope this month—and what you’ll need to get through it.

February Horoscope 2018

This month, we’re transitioning from detached Aquarius into sensitive Pisces, and it’s a big internal shift. Aquarians likes to hide their emotions behind a cool, collected exterior, but as the planets move one by one into compassionate Pisces, there’s no escaping the way you feel. Luckily, these signs both have a spiritual side and care deeply about giving their love not just to the people in their lives, but to the causes and communities close to their hearts. This Valentine’s Day, ask how you can make the world a kinder, softer place for everyone to live in.

This month’s biggest moment is the Aquarius solar eclipse on the 15th. If you’ve been feeling stuck, this supercharged new moon sparks an idea for a much more positive five-year plan than the one you’ve got. Mercury and Venus will be aligned to the eclipse, so expect important conversations, simpatico teamwork, and plenty of creativity to support your new strategy. A square from Jupiter in Scorpio might have you feeling stretched too thin, but good vibes from Uranus in Aries will help you come up with the perfect solution in the eleventh hour.

Beyond that, Mercury and the sun slip into mysterious Pisces as the month wraps up, turning your thoughts inward. It’s easy to brood if you let yourself go there, but the energy is even better for channeling into mystical pursuits like astrology or tarot. Personal planets Venus and Mercury in alignment with dreamy Neptune on the weekend of the 23rd set a magical mood, so keep your mind open. Anything could happen!

February Horoscope 2018 — Aquarius

Are you ready to be in the spotlight? With a solar eclipse in your sign on the 15th, this month is all about you. You’ve been working toward this moment since last summer, but this is when the thing you’ve been hoping for starts in earnest. It’s a little daunting at first, but some ingenuity on your part helps you tackle the challenge with grace. The sun into your value sector on the 18th promises to make this a banner month for you, with a promotion, raise, or new position where your talents can really shine. Even better, personal planets Venus and Mercury align with dreamy Neptune in the same area of your horoscope on the weekend of the 23rd, bringing support from your social network that’s both material and spiritual. Accept it, but make sure you offer something in return.

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February Horoscope 2018 — Pisces

There’s a lot of cosmic activity in your corner of the zodiac this month, so buckle up for an intense ride! First, love goddess Venus enters your sign on the 10th, setting a sultry tone for the rest of the month. She’s exalted in Pisces, which is astrology speak for this being an even better time than usual for beauty, romance, and art. The Aquarius solar eclipse in your mystical 12th house on the 15th helps you channel some of that energy into inspiration, both creative and spiritual. The ideas you have now buoy you for the next six months to come, so take notes! Even better, Mercury and the sun into your sign on the 17th and 18th give you a communication boost, clarifying everything from your thoughts to your text messages. When Venus and Mercury conspire with dreamy Neptune in your sign on the weekend of the 23rd, you remember what love feels like, even if you don’t trust it at first. Just do your best to enjoy it in the moment!

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February Horoscope 2018 — Aries

When Venus slips into your sleepy 12th house on the 10th, you’re going to need a lot more rest than usual. The stars are aligned for you to indulge in some serious rest and relaxation, but you’ll get the most out of it if you use it as an opportunity to explore your spiritual side. Recruit some of your friends to go along with you on the journey, especially when the Aquarius solar eclipse revs up your social sector on the 15th. Mercury and the sun into your 12th house on the 17th and 18th support your mystical exploration, so hit the bookstore and grab a new book on astrology, tarot, or crystals. With three planets in your inner healing zone, you’re poised to make a full recovery from any bad emotional habits or longtime hang-ups as long as you don’t get stuck in nostalgia. Everything comes to a magical conclusion the weekend of the 23rd when Venus and Mercury join forces with dreamy Neptune. This month, if you can imagine it, you can do it!

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February Horoscope 2018 — Taurus

When your ruling planet, Venus, moves into your friendship zone on the 10th, you’ll definitely be feeling the love! It’s the perfect opportunity to throw a Valentine’s Day bash for your clique to let them know how much you appreciate their support. A few days later, an Aquarius solar eclipse on the 15th lands you a career opportunity you’ve been angling for since last summer. Take it, even if it feels like a departure from the path you’re traveling now. When the sun moves into your visionary sector on the 18th, the right mentor or guide will show up in the nick of time. When Venus aligns with mysterious Neptune on the 21st, you have an uncanny feeling that it’s all meant to be. Trust it.

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February Horoscope 2018 — Gemini

When the solar eclipse in fellow air sign Aquarius energizes your expansion sector on the 15th, you’re ready to travel new ground both literally and figuratively. Book yourself the plane ticket you’ve been dreaming about for ages or sign up for that class or retreat you’ve been eyeing, because it could be a game changer! When Mercury moves into your career zone on the 17th, apply your newfound vigor from the eclipse to your professional life, scaling the career ladder with impressive speed. The sun into the same area of your chart the following day amplifies the effect. When Mercury aligns with dreamy Neptune on the 25th, you could see a career dream come true, but make sure it’s what it seems before you commit. Read the fine print, and it’ll all work out beautifully.

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February Horoscope 2018 — Cancer

No matter how much of a homebody you are, the stars are aligned for you to go exploring. Venus into your adventurous ninth house on the 10th inspires you to take in the beauty of a culture different from your own or to try on a daring look that’s totally out of your wheelhouse. Mercury and the sun moving into the same sector of your chart on the 17th and 18th sends your mind racing with ideas about how to make the same old routine new again. The weekend of the 23rd is especially inspiring when Venus and Mercury align with spiritual Neptune to help you revise your personal philosophy to be more supportive of your goals. But the biggest moment of the month comes on the 15th when the Aquarius solar eclipse in your secrets zone delivers a private victory that strengthens your resolve for the next six months to come. What you do for yourself matters most.

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February Horoscope 2018 — Leo

On the 15th, an Aquarius solar eclipse in your partnership zone marks a totally new era for your love life. Count business partners and best friends in too, because thanks to this moon, your closest alliances work together to form a tight-knit support network that helps you as much as you help them throughout the next six months. The sun enters Pisces, your intimate eighth house, on the 18th, illuminating a more open-hearted side of yourself than you’re used to showing. It feels good to share, especially when personal planets Venus and Mercury align with compassionate Neptune on the weekend of the 23rd. Just make sure you don’t reveal too much too soon or let boundaries get hazy. A healthy dose of your signature self-confidence keeps you from getting in over your head.

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February Horoscope 2018 — Virgo

Winter can be prime time for falling into old habits, but lucky for you, the Aquarius solar eclipse in your daily routine sector comes to your rescue midmonth! After this, you ditch any drains on your time and energy in favor of activities that are more efficient and inspiring all at once. Even better, you’ll have plenty of help from your best friends and colleagues once Mercury and the sun slide into your partnership zone on the 17th and 18th. Personal planets Venus and Mercury aligned to Neptune on the weekend of the 23rd in the same area of your chart remind you that good friends truly are are a gift from the universe. It’s a beautiful thing when you can bond with people who share your ideas about art, music, and magic. Give thanks for kindred spirits.

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February Horoscope 2018 — Libra

When your ruling planet, Venus, moves into your health and habits zone on the 10th, you’re poised for a makeover. It’s a great month to upgrade your nutrition plan, exercise routine, and skincare regimen to help you glow from the inside and out. Next, the Aquarius solar eclipse on the 15th gives you a boost of creative energy that you simply can’t ignore. Opportunities to make your life a work of art present themselves now, so snatch them up! Luckily, the sun into your daily grind sector on the 18th shows you how to make that new growth sustainable over the next six months. Venus in alignment with Neptune in the same area of your horoscope on the 21st delivers Valentine’s Day vibes a week late, setting a romantic mood. Yes, it really is as dreamy as it seems!

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February Horoscope 2018 — Scorpio

Clear your schedule because the Aquarius solar eclipse at the base of your chart on the 15th says you’ll need plenty of time to take care of yourself. This alignment stirs up lots of deep emotions around home and family, but it’ll also help you get a healthier perspective on what those things mean to you. If it’s time to move, you’ll know it now. Luckily, the sun into your pleasure zone on the 18th revives your playful side, reminding you how important it is to find the fun in life, no matter how much work you have to do. When personal planets Venus and Mercury link up with mystical Neptune in the same area of your chart on the weekend of the 23rd, you could link up with a lover or muse who feels like a soul mate. Don’t fall too hard too fast, but do enjoy the ride.

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February Horoscope 2018 — Sagittarius

The Aquarius solar eclipse marks the beginning of a totally new mindset for you. You know you have something important to contribute to the community, and all of a sudden you realize what steps you must take to do it. That new strategy probably includes a healthy dose of work on your emotional health, especially when the sun moves into your self-care zone on the 18th. Friends who feel like family, a good therapist, and a journal are all excellent resources as you explore the roots of your feelings over the next month. Personal planets Venus and Mercury align with spiritual Neptune on the weekend of the 23rd help you find the home you’ve been looking for, whether it’s a new location or a state of mind. Wherever you go, it’s meant to be.

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February Horoscope 2018 — Capricorn

When the Aquarius solar eclipse lands in your income sector on the 15th, you get a financial do-over. An influx of cash from a job or other payout gives you and your bank account a fresh start so long as you avoid the urge to spend it all at once! Once the sun moves into your community sector on the 18th, you can use your newfound wealth to make connections that will benefit you for the next six months to come, especially if you use it to improve the lives of those around you too. On the weekend of the 23rd, personal planets Venus and Mercury align with spiritually minded Neptune to help you transform your emotions into creativity. Intense feelings can be scary, but the finished product is worth it.

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