Your February Horoscope Is Here—This Is What Cupid Has in Store for You

Updated 05/05/19

At MyDomaine, we want to prepare you for all of life’s challenges, and what better way to do that than by getting some foresight from the stars? Each month, we’ll be bringing you your horoscope along with a power product to help you get through the month, handpicked by our resident horoscope expert, Amelia Quint. If you’re changing careers, moving into a new home, or getting married, consider yourself in good hands. Ahead, Quint shares what to expect this month—and what you’ll need to get through it.

Original Illustrations by Stephanie DeAngelis

This month, we’re transitioning from hardworking Capricorn to free-spirited Aquarius, the zodiac’s visionary, so this is when you take big career plans and put them into action. Capricorn loves convention, but Aquarius isn’t afraid to try totally new methods to make dreams a reality. When Mercury enters Aquarius on February 7, you’ll get a taste of what that feels like. Conversations take on a bigger scope, and you start to think about how your work is affecting the world’s community as a whole.

Valentine’s Day is this month, and the stars are aligning for a big romance. With two eclipses on the way, one in glamorous Leo and another in sensitive Pisces, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to declare your love (or lust) for someone special. On February 10, the Leo lunar eclipse helps you dazzle the object of your affection, and then on February 26, you open up to them and show your true feelings. Thanks to Venus entering Aries on February 3, you’ll feel more confident than usual. Make the most of it and let your inner diva out to play!

With fiery Mars as your patron, you’re no stranger to sex appeal—but when Venus enters your sign on February 3, you really turn on the charm! Use this vibe to treat yourself to something that makes you feel as provocative as your star sign (new lingerie, perhaps?). By February 10, you’ll be well armed for the wild Leo lunar eclipse in your romance sector, when the stars send a new lover to your doorstep. Committed Aries benefit from this fresh spark to your pleasure sector too. Later, on February 26, a Pisces solar eclipse in your twelfth house means someone could be secretly vying for your affections. Sexy Mars and surprising Uranus unite that same day, so this won’t be what you expect. Luckily, you’re not afraid of a challenge!

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Your head is in the clouds when Venus enters your dreams sector on February 3. Ever the realist, a little fantasizing could do you some good. Imagine what you’d like your love life to look like in the coming months, and make a wish because you just might get it! On February 10, an attention-grabbing Leo lunar eclipse in your emotions zone hits you with a wave of feelings you didn’t realize you had. For best results, stay home and pamper yourself in true Taurus fashion until the tide rolls out again. Finally, the mystical Pisces new moon in your friendship zone brings you new personal connections that feel like magic. Don’t ignore those vibes, because they could serve you well in the coming months. Intuition is everything.

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When your ruling planet, Mercury, slides into your adventure zone on February 7, you’ll be ready to break out of a rut and into unknown territory. Your social network motivates you to step up your game, and suddenly you’re inspired to take a brand new approach. Under a flashy Leo lunar eclipse on February 10, those same kindred spirits inspire you to do something glamorous. When Mercury enters your career sector on February 25, you’ll be the life of the VIP party. The following day, under the dreamy Pisces solar eclipse, something that feels too good to be true lands in your lap. When life feels like a love affair, you don’t question why. Just enjoy it!

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It’s that time again! Eclipse season can make some Cancers feel off-balance, but not you. You’ll be ready to take the changes as they come and make them work in your favor. On February 10, a golden Leo lunar eclipse in your moneymaking sector spotlights an achievement that pays off. Wealth doesn’t buy happiness, but under that moon, it certainly helps! Later, an inspiring Pisces solar eclipse on February 26 motivates you to do something totally out of your comfort zone. You’re usually a homebody, but it looks like it might be time to hit the road (or the internet) to make a name for yourself. Look back on what you accomplished during the Leo lunar eclipse and let that be your fuel.

Your Power Product: A cookbook, to prepare a luxe Valentine’s Day menu. Your sign is a natural foodie, so treat yourself (or someone special) to an unforgettable meal. Bonus points if it includes an aphrodisiac, like chocolate or hot peppers.

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You love being seen, and on February 10, a lunar eclipse in your sign puts you in your natural habitat—the spotlight. It’s the first in a series of eclipses that will unfold over the next two years, helping you carefully craft a brand new image from scratch. Like pro-Leo Madonna, don’t be afraid to reinvent yourself. When the sun shifts into Pisces on February 18, you turn up the makeover ante. Pisces is in your transformation zone, so this is powerful stuff. Under the spiritual Pisces solar eclipse, you dig up old sexual baggage and kick it to the curb. Make Beyoncé’s “Irreplaceable” your theme song and get to packing.

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This month starts off on a high note as your ruling planet, Mercury, takes up residence in your organization sector. Your editing instincts are killer, so put them to good use eliminating anything that might be keeping you from functioning at full capacity. On February 10, a Leo lunar eclipse in your dreams sector encourages you to use mystical methods to reach your goals. Crystals, anyone? When Mercury moves into Pisces on February 25, your love life gets a boost when you decide to share your feelings with a lover. This vibe especially potent under the Pisces solar eclipse the following day. We know you like to keep your cards close to your chest, but now’s the time to share your hand.

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You’re a romantic at heart, so you’re going to love it when Venus (your ruling planet and the zodiac’s love goddess) slips into your relationship zone on February 3. She’ll be in close quarters with passionate Mars, lining everything up for a classic Valentine’s Day seduction as long as you don’t let Jupiter retrograde in your sign on February 6 mess with your head. A few days later, on February 10, a Leo lunar eclipse in your networking zone brings flashy opportunities from your community. People in high places are watching your work, so act accordingly! Finally, a Pisces solar eclipse on February 26 lights up your health zone, reminding you that self-care is just as important as play. Rest up!

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This month, you put your sign’s natural mystique to good use when a star-making Leo lunar eclipse lands in your fame sector on February 10. When you get out of your lair and into the right circles, there’s no limit to what you can achieve. Later, on February 26, the last in a series of Pisces eclipses lights up your pleasure sector. You’ve learned a lot about romance and art, and under this superpowered new moon, you resolve to stay true to what makes you feel sexy. The same day, feisty Mars and shocking Uranus line up in your daily grind zone to test your determination, but luckily, you can’t be played. Instead, use this moment as inspiration and act fast to show your haters who’s boss.

Your Power Product: A provocative piece of art. Use this as an empowering touchstone for inspiration, both professional and—ahem—personal.

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When Jupiter (your ruling planet) shifts into retrograde mode on February 6, it’s time for you to get serious about what role you want to play in your communities, both personal and professional. You’ve had Saturn in your sign since last September, making you an unexpected mentor. With this in mind, it’s time to step up your game—that way, you’ll be ready when a Leo lunar eclipse brings you recognition for a major accomplishment. You’re more influential than you realized, but after all, you are the zodiac’s thought leader! At the month’s end, on February 26, a final Pisces solar eclipse in your feelings sector helps you start fresh emotionally. You’ve come a long way, so celebrate your progress!

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You’re not a fan of change, but when a saucy Leo lunar eclipse hits your transformation sector on February 10, it’s coming your way, ready or not. The same area of your horoscope rules sex, so use that to amplify your personal magnetism. It’s already at an all-time high, thanks to potent Pluto in your sign since 2008, but this helps you pull off a major seduction either of a career goal or longtime crush. Later in the month, on February 26, a Pisces solar eclipse in your kindred spirit sector brings magical news from a close friend. No, your imagination isn’t playing tricks on you—it really is that good! You’ve had a rough go of things lately, but this is a balm for your weary soul. Lean into it and come out refreshed.

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Mercury is the most well-connected planet in the zodiac, and when it enters your sign on February 7, you’ll be much of the same! From friends to love interests, everyone wants to be in your orbit. On February 10, a glamorous Leo lunar eclipse helps you sweep the object of your affections off their feet. Give your usual nonchalance a break and let them know you’re really feeling it. Later, on February 26, a Pisces lunar eclipse in your wealth sector helps you manifest an amazing new income stream. Value is subjective, but if it makes you feel rich, it’s probably right. Mars and Uranus align in your friendship zone, so someone might be jealous! Use any weird comments to feed your inner fire to go forth and conquer.

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As much as you’d love for the world to be a perfect fantasy, sometimes you have to contend with the realities of a situation. That rings especially true when the Leo lunar eclipse on February 10 reveals where you could use a little more self-care. Getting the basics in order—like clean eating and an exercise routine that doesn’t suck—sets you up to win when the sun enters your sign on February 18. By the time Mercury enters Pisces on February 25, you’ll be in seriously high demand. The following day, the last in a series of eclipses in your sign gives you a beautiful cosmic send-off. This superpowered new moon lays the groundwork for you to put everything you’ve learned into action. All you have to do is keep building.

Your Power Product: A robe. Live in it when the Leo lunar eclipse puts your focus back on health, and spice things up by wearing nothing under it for Valentine’s Day.

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