It's Time to Dream Big—Your February Horoscopes Are Here

This month, we’re transitioning from brainy Aquarius to heart-centered Pisces. Aquarius is always one or two steps ahead of all the other zodiac signs, and during this time of year, you get to benefit from that futuristic energy. It’s the perfect time to lay out your long-term vision for the rest of 2019, so dream big and don’t be afraid to pursue unconventional ideas. Once Pisces season starts on the 18th, your next task will be making sure the goals you’ve set align with what you find emotionally satisfying. If you pursue it, will it really fulfill you? If not, there’s nothing wrong with revising your goals before moving ahead.

This month is a relationship refresh, and not just because Valentine’s Day is around the corner! All three personal planets (Mercury, Venus, and Mars) change signs in the next 30 days, clearing the interpersonal decks and sparking fresh connections. With Venus into Capricorn on the 3rd, you fall in love with your work and learn to love your colleagues! Mercury into gentle Pisces on the 10th helps you communicate with empathy, and it’s also great for poetry and art. Finally, Mars into romantic Taurus on Valentine’s Day puts everyone in a sensual mood. Meanwhile, an Aquarius new moon on the 4th and a Virgo full moon on the 19th set a health-conscious tone for the month ahead. Both are making lucky angles to other planets, so the stars are aligned to help you succeed with a few self-care tweaks, like good food, lots of water, and plenty of sleep!

February horoscopes—Aries

Your independent sign usually loves to fly solo, but under the Aquarius new moon on the 4th, you’ll be so much happier if you collaborate. Group projects flourish now, so grab coffee with your team and get ready to win. Mars into your money sector on the 14th may find you flush with cash for Valentine’s Day, but don’t spend it all in one place! Splurge on a few things you love and stretch the luxury out over the next month.

Next, when healing asteroid Chiron moves into your sign on the 18th, you start a multi-year cycle of spiritual growth. It’s time to drop whatever baggage you’ve been carrying, so find a good therapist, journal it out, and try some new strategies for self-care.

Fortunately, the sun enters your rest and relaxation zone the same day, encouraging you to get plenty of sleep, stay hydrated, and trust that the universe has your back. After the Virgo new moon lights up your health and habits sector the following day, you’ll be hyper-motivated to get your body, mind, and spirit into tip-top shape.

February Horoscopes—Taurus

Grab your passport, because when Venus moves into your wide-ranging ninth house on the 3rd, you might find yourself in transit! It’s a perfect time to take a trip, whether it’s a physical journey to an exciting place or an intellectual tour of a new subject. With the Aquarius new moon revving up your career zone the following day, it’s likely whatever Venus inspires you to do will give you a professional boost. Meanwhile, Mars into your sign on Valentine’s Day means your sensual appetite will be even more intense than usual.

The next month will be equally as exciting if you’re partnered up or just exploring your own wants and needs. The sun into your friendship zone on the 18th makes you much more social than usual, so get out and mingle! You never know who you’ll meet, especially under the Virgo full moon in your playful fifth house the following day. Whether it’s with a crush or a creative collaborator, you’ll be glad you made the first move.

February horoscopes—Gemini

If you’ve been feeling creatively unsatisfied for a while, you’re going to love the Aquarius new moon on the 4th! It lights up your free-spirited ninth house and helps you break down any mental blocks that have been tripping you up on the way to greatness. You’ll have genius Mercury at the top of your chart from the 10th, helping you hone your ideas and get them to the right people. By the time Mars moves into your imagination zone on Valentine’s Day, you may be ready to spend the night in working on your passion project.

The sun into Pisces on the 18th delivers even more inspiration, so make sure you’re ready for it. Block out time in your schedule for serious, uninterrupted artistry. Finally, the Virgo full moon on the 19th gives you the emotional lift you need to get out of a personal rut. You might feel like your current digs aren’t really working anymore, so take it as a sign from the universe to Marie Kondo your space, or to find somewhere new altogether if your current home isn’t sparking joy.

February Horoscopes—cancer

When Venus moves into your relationship zone on the 3rd, get ready to declare your devotion to the ones you love. Whether it’s a lover, best friend, or co-worker you can’t live without, let them know how much they mean to you, or they surprise you by letting you know the feeling’s mutual. It feels so good to be appreciated. The Aquarius new moon in your intimacy zone the following day softens your crab shell and encourages you to let in the people who have proven themselves worthy.

For Valentine’s Day, Mars into your group's zone says you’ll have to most fun if you go out with a group of friends. Alternately, you might find yourself falling for a friend, but don’t move too fast. Wait until the sun moves into your risk-taking ninth house on the 18th to make any moves. When the Virgo full moon lights up your communication zone the following day, you’ll have no trouble expressing yourself. Whether you speak, write, or make art from your feelings, the result will be electric.

February Horoscope—Leo

Valentine’s Day comes early for you this year when the Aquarius new moon lights up your relationship zone on the 4th. You’re so inspired by your feelings for a new crush, whether it’s romantic or platonic, that you just can’t hold it in any longer. In true Leo fashion, you let them know with a grand display of affection. Enjoy the moment, because you might find that duty calls when Mars moves into your professional zone on the 14th.

It’s an exciting opportunity that gets your heart pounding, so you’re more than happy to focus your energy there that day. Be patient, because when the sun moves into your sensual eighth house on the 18th, you’ll have a whole month of intense attraction to spice up your love life. Finally, a Virgo full moon in your money zone rounds out the month the day after with a delivery of the one thing you truly love: checks.

February Horoscopes—Virgo

You’re already an expert organizer, but when the futuristic Aquarius full moon activates your scheduling sector on the 4th, you’ll be able to plan ahead for the rest of 2019 with ease. It’s getting positive angles from smart Mercury and lucky Jupiter, so whatever you’re putting on the calendar is destined to flourish. Mercury into your collaboration zone on the 10th opens up new conversations in all your relationships, so stay open-minded and listen more than you talk both in your love life and at the office.

On Valentine’s Day, feisty Mars into your adventurous ninth house encourages you to try something new with your partner, whether it’s a surprise date or something spicier. When the sun moves into Pisces on the 18th, you’ll make some important connections that will set you up for success in the rest of the year. With an energizing full moon in your sign the following day, there’s no way you can lose.

February Horoscopes—Libra

On the 3rd, Venus in Capricorn moves into your sentimental fourth house, reminding you how much you care. You’ve earned some comfort, so whether it’s an upgrade to your living space or a retreat to recharge your emotional batteries, invest in yourself this month. Under the Aquarius new moon the following day, you make a long-term plan to prioritize your creativity. It’s ambitious, but six months from now, you’ll be so proud of the results.

Later, Mars into your sexuality zone on the 14th sets you up for a very sultry Valentine’s Day. Be present and enjoy your romantic moment, because the sun into your health and habits sector on the 18th means you’ll need to have your head in the game for the next month. Whether it’s eating more nutritious foods or simply getting to bed at a regular time, the little things add up, especially under the Virgo full moon in your house of healing the very next day.

February horoscopes—scorpio

Under the Aquarius new moon on the 4th, your heart needs your attention. Coincidentally, it’s activating your fourth house of home, family, and feelings. Instead of basing your expectations on the past, now’s the perfect time to release old grudges and embrace a better future with your loved ones. It might be tough at first, but Mars into your relationship zone on Valentine’s Day makes it easy to speak up for what you want. It’s a toss-up between whether the heightened emotions this day brings will end in conflict or kisses, but you can expect fireworks either way.

Once the sun moves into Pisces on the 18th, the emotional pyrotechnics give way to pure fun. Whether it’s working on a project you love, like a podcast, zine, or novel, or just spending time with someone or something that makes you happy, this month is all about pursuing pleasure. Even better, the Virgo full moon in your friendship zone the day after connects you to a brand new social circle to share the experiences with.

February horoscopes—Sagittarius

If you’ve been feeling stifled by writer’s block, the Aquarius new moon in your communication zone delivers a deluge of new creative ideas right in the nick of time. Block out some time in your schedule to capture what the muse is telling you because the messages you receive now can buoy you through the rest of 2019. On Valentine’s Day, Mars into your health and habits zone means you’ll be feeling sexy, strong, and at home in your body. If you want to go out, put it on your schedule ahead of time because you might end up spending your special day in the office otherwise.

Don’t be afraid to assert your emotional boundaries, especially as the sun moves into your feelings zone on the 18th for its month-long stay. You’ll perform better if you give yourself the rest you need to really focus. Under the Virgo full moon the day after, your career kicks into high gear. You reach an important milestone or get an official accolade that feels good, but means more responsibility. Accept it graciously.

February horoscopes—Capricorn

You’ve had an intense year so far, Capricorn, but you’ll finally get to relax a little when love and beauty goddess Venus moves into your sign on the 3rd. Reward yourself for a job well done with something luxurious, like a beautiful dinner at a chic restaurant or an upgrade to your hair or wardrobe. You’ll have the cash to spend thanks to an Aquarius new moon in your money zone the day after that’s bolstered by lucky Jupiter. For Valentine’s Day, you’re feeling even more flirtatious than usual thanks to Mars in your crushes and creativity zone, so don’t be afraid to make a bold move.

On the 18th, the sun into your communication zone ushers in a month of important conversations and new stories. If you aren’t happy with your current narrative, rewrite it. The Virgo full moon in your publishing and media sector the day after says you’ll steal the limelight with a surprising new take on the way you present yourself. Whatever happens, it’s sure to be refreshing.

February horoscopes—Aquarius

You’re not afraid of courting attention, but when Venus in serious Capricorn moves into your secretive twelfth house on the 3rd, keep your love behind the scenes for a while. Whether it’s withdrawing from the dating scene or focusing on your personal transformation before launch later this year, embrace the quiet side of beauty. You’ll have the new moon in your sign the day after to help kickstart your metamorphosis.

Take care of your heart on Valentine’s Day, because with Mars in moving into your emotions zone, it’s going to be extra tender. Instead, spend time with people you know you love and trust, like family or friends who always have your back. Later, when the sun moves into your money zone on the 18th, channel Beyonce’s sage advice: “The best revenge is your paper.” You’ll finally get the chance to experiment with your erotic nature when the Virgo full moon lights up your intimacy zone on the 19th. It’s so much easier to let yourself be loved when you love yourself first.

February horoscopes—Pisces

No matter how much you have on your plate, carve out some time to rest up on the 4th, when the Aquarius full moon lights up your spirituality zone. If you’ve been courting burnout, give yourself space and the tools to heal, like meditation, yoga, or just a really good chat with a friend. By the time Mercury moves into your sign on the 10th, you feel like you’re back in your element, fully recharged and firing on all cylinders. You’re way more social than usual, so use that energy to connect with people who can help you throughout the rest of 2019.

Later, with Mars in your communication zone on Valentine’s Day, the way to your heart is through an intellectual debate or intriguing conversation. It’s also lucky for finding love through tech, so get to swiping! With the sun in your sign from the 18th, you project confidence, so make the most of those good vibes. By the time the Virgo full moon lights up your relationship zone on the 19th, you might just find (or bond with) the perfect partner.

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