It's Time to Dream Big—Your February Horoscopes Are Here

This month, we’re transitioning from brainy Aquarius to heart-centered Pisces. Aquarius is always one or two steps ahead of all the other zodiac signs, and during this time of year, you get to benefit from that futuristic energy. It’s the perfect time to lay out your long-term vision for the rest of 2019, so dream big and don’t be afraid to pursue unconventional ideas. Once Pisces season starts on the 18th, your next task will be making sure the goals you’ve set align with what you find emotionally satisfying. If you pursue it, will it really fulfill you? If not, there’s nothing wrong with revising or editing your goals before moving ahead.

This month is a relationship refresh, and not just because Valentine’s Day is around the corner! All three personal planets (Mercury, Venus, and Mars) change signs in the next 30 days, clearing the interpersonal decks and sparking fresh connections. With Venus into Capricorn on the 3rd, you fall in love with your work and learn to love your colleagues! Mercury into gentle Pisces on the 10th helps you communicate with empathy, and it’s also great for poetry and art. Finally, Mars into romantic Taurus on Valentine’s Day puts everyone in a sensual mood. Meanwhile, an Aquarius new moon on the 4th and a Virgo full moon on the 19th set a health-conscious tone for the month ahead. Both are making lucky angles to other planets, so the stars are aligned to help you succeed with a few self-care tweaks, like good food, lots of water, and plenty of sleep!