Felicity Huffman's Colorado Vacation Home Is What Dreams Are Made Of

It only takes one glance at this Colorado retreat to see that it's a picture-perfect vacation home, but to owners Felicity Huffman and William H. Macy, it's so much more than a place to escape the bustle of L.A. Featured in Architectural Digest, the "old-new house" has seen their family's biggest milestones: It's the land Huffman grew up on, the place where the couple married in 1997, and the final resting place of her parents, whose ashes are scattered under the rose bushes.

It's a real family home layered with memories and mementos, something that Huffman wanted to maintain during the extensive renovations. When she finally entered the completed house, she was overwhelmed with a sense of relief. "I loved everything about it. There wasn't a catch. It's nostalgic," she recalls. "[It] is like mainlining memories while you're making new ones."

Take a look inside the couple's gorgeous vacation home in Snowmass, Colorado below.