What You Need to Know When Your Boss Is a Woman

Updated 10/23/17

Ever since I’ve legally been allowed to work, I have been employed, and coincidentally, many of my bosses during this time have been women. Contrary to what social stereotypes would have you believe about female bosses, none of these women have been bossy or emotional. Strong and assertive, yes, but no more than any male head I’ve ever worked under, and surely these are leadership traits anyone would need to manage a company, regardless of gender. Yet according to a recent survey of U.S. adults, 39% of women wanted to be led by a man, and a study published in the journal Society for Personality and Social Psychology this year found men feel threatened by female bosses and struggle with “power dynamics.” Why?

Given the rise of female CEOs, I thought it was time to set the record straight and reveal a few things I’ve learned while working for a female boss. And in the meantime, I hope this also inspires someone to write a similar advice column on “how to work for a man.”

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