The Weekend Habits of the Most Successful Female Leaders

The best leaders in the workforce know it isn't just your performance during the workweek that determines your success. Your weekend habits set the tone for the week ahead. But it isn't just the obvious activities like goal setting, prepping for the upcoming week, or getting ahead on projects and tasks. Just as these habits are important for keeping you on track, a little well-deserved R&R and taking a time-out from the hustle are just as essential when setting yourself up for success.

If you're looking for a little inspiration on how to schedule your Saturdays and Sundays, who better to turn to than the most successful female leaders? We've rounded up the weekend habits of the top women in a variety of industries to show that there's no one right way to spend your weekend, and even the most go-getting individuals sometimes need to take a break from it all to stay successful.

Head below to discover the weekend habits of the most successful female leaders.