9 Women Who Are Reclaiming the Feminine Care Industry—and Why We Stand By Them

It's a 90-degree day in New York City and as I sit on a bench outside a cafe in Union Square slurping iced tea with Lo Bosworth, I become hyper-aware of the way passersby are looking at us. It's not necessarily Bosworth's The Hills fame that's garnering attention—it's our topic of conversation. 

"When doctors tell you not to wash down there, they're talking about the internal vagina, not the external genitalia like your vulva," she says with candor as if we were chatting about getting a blowout. A man on the bench next to us glances up from his coffee then walks away; two workers in suits do a doubletake. 

Bosworth's chilled, matter-of-fact approach to talking about women's health is a refreshing change from the usual vagina euphemisms—something she intentionally avoided when building her personal care brand, Love Wellness. "Telling women that it's okay to talk about this part of their body is so important. It's a health care issue, not something that's private and embarrassing," she says. 

She's certainly not alone with this message. Over the last five years, female-led brands have gained serious momentum in the feminine care industry, a space traditionally dominated by male-led multinationals. Formed by entrepreneurs who are fed up with male-concepted marketing, ill-informed products, and poor shopping experience, these brands are leading the charge with products made for women by women. Meet a few of our favorites. 

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