A Feng Shui Healer Thinks Your Living Room Is Missing These 3 Things

Sarah Dorio for Homepolish

Sometimes, improving the feng shui of your home doesn't call for a furniture overhaul and restructuring your entire layout. For example, feng shui healer Marianne Gordon shared her short list of mindful living room additions that can have a big impact on the healthiness and mindfulness of your home. "When I go on feng shui consultations in homes that feel staged, I often find that the people living in them are not as vibrant as they could be," Gordon writes in MindBodyGreen. "Feng shui principles are all about living with what you love (and what you actually use) with little regard for prevailing decorating trends." With this in mind, these are Gordon's top staples to instantly make you feel better and more alive in your own living space.

An instrument: Items and their intended purposes have a way of bringing life to a space. Having an instrument or a music player in your living room "will make your home's energy more vibrant."

Soft surfaces: Morgan calls for plenty of soft surfaces to bring warmth to the living room. "Think soft blankets that invite you to cuddle alone, with pets, or with your loved ones; a comfy couch you love lounging on; and a soft rug for bare feet," she suggests.

Books and magazines you actually read: One of the main points Morgan emphasizes is to fill your home with things of use rather than pure decoration. "The books in your living room should not be a collection of untouchable antiques or the classics you will never read again," advises Morgan. "Remember that your house is meant to be lived in, not just admired." Having books on hand that you actually desire to read will also encourage you to unplug for some more mindful entertainment.

Next up, find out how a feng shui expert would never lay out her bedroom.

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