The Common Bedroom Item to Ditch If You Always Wake Up Exhausted

Updated 05/04/19

Is waking up exhausted a common occurrence? While there could be a number of contributing factors, one you've likely neglected to consider is how energy flows in your bedroom. Feng shui consultant Amanda Gibby Peters of Simple Shui recently revealed on MindBodyGreen how one common household item could be upping your bedroom's energy flow and thereby wreaking havoc on your sleep.

"If you have trouble sleeping, let's talk about why that mirror on your bedroom wall might be the culprit," says Peters. According to feng shui beliefs, mirrors increase energy flow, and this increased energy can disrupt sleep. Before completely overhauling your bedroom décor, Peters advises testing out a quick fix to determine whether it's your mirrors that are to blame for your poor sleep. "Cover the bedroom mirror(s) for a couple nights and notice if your sleep improves," she advises. "if you do sleep soundly with them covered, consider replacing them with someone else you love—a large print, a mural, or even a few mounted lanterns." For those who simply can't bring themselves to relocate their bedroom mirror, Peters explains that it's best to "hang it on a non-facing wall when you're tucked in bed."

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