The Financial Questions You Should Ask Your S.O. Before Getting Serious

If you tend to shy away from tackling financial topics with your partner, research suggests it could cost your relationship, big time. A TC Bank study found a strong link between couples who feel comfortable talking about money and happiness. In fact, 42% of those who openly talk about money on a weekly basis rated their relationship as "extremely happy," compared to 27% who raise the subject less than once a month. 

So how do you rank? If you're unsure where you and your partner stand on anything from splitting the check to joint ownership of a home, it's time to talk. While not all relationships follow the same linear order, we spoke to Stefanie O'Connell, millennial money expert and author of The Broke and Beautiful Life, to find out the key questions every couple should ask at milestone stages. Yes, a first date isn't too soon to glean some financial insights.

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