This Hack Instantly Cuts the Price of Your Flight, Says a Pro Traveler

Myriad factors contribute to the final price of an airline ticket. Between travel app alerts, discount booking websites, frequent flyer point deals, and flash sales, it's difficult to know if the quote you've received is actually the best available online.

If you're planning a vacation and are just about to purchase flights, pause. According to Matt Kepnes, professional traveler and author of How to Travel the World on $50 a Day, it's highly likely you've already made one of the most common booking errors that instantly boosts the price of the flight.

"Don't search for or buy multiple tickets in a single purchase," Kepnes explains on his travel blog Nomadic Matt. "Airlines always show the highest ticket price in a group of tickets." Yes, something as simple as including your S.O.'s ticket in your flight search could cause an instant price surge.

For example, "If you are a family of four and searching for four seats, the airline will find four seats together and show your fare based on the highest ticket price," he explains. "So if seat A is $200, seats B and C are $300, and seat D is $400, it will price those tickets as $400 each instead of adding up the individual ticket prices."

Instead, he says travel insiders should always search for single tickets to secure the best flight deals. "Afterward, in the checkout process, you can pick your seats so you and your family are sitting together." Yes, it's that simple.

Have you ever tried this travel hack? Tell us if you noticed a change in the ticket prices.