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Minimalists, Rejoice—We Found Your New Favorite Online Shop

a minimalist dining area

We love IKEA for its basic home necessities and affordable, trendy pieces. In fact, we'll never say no to a quick trip to the Scandinavian retailer store, and we rarely leave empty-handed (and no, we don't just mean that we picked up a hot dog on the way out). But as we get older, sometimes we start looking for unique and more durable pieces—the items that will stand the test of time. When we reach a more permanent place in our lives, it's only natural to want our homeware to be as sturdy and timeless.

While we'll never stop picking up home accents at IKEA season after season, we like to add a little variety to our minimalist shopping for our homes. Enter Finnish Design Shop: a collective online shop that holds the best of Scandinavian design. Best of all, a lot of the brands it carries are affordable. Ahead we handpicked some of our favorite new arrivals to prove that this design destination is essentially IKEA for grown-ups. Is it time to give your home a seasonal update? Pick up a few pieces from this Scandinavian design heaven.

Normann Copenhagen Kabino Sideboard
Normann Copenhagen Kabino Sideboard $790.00

Get the IKEA look in a durable design made of steel, aluminum, and ash—this sideboard will stand the test of time. 

Pholc Blend Pendant
Pholc Blend Pendant $182.00

A simple pendant that comes in a variety of muted colors and metal finishes is a great way to light up your kitchen island or nightstand. It looks even better in a set.

Ferm Living Nomad Rug
Ferm Living Nomad Rug $97.00

A pretty reversible runner for under $100? We're sold. This rug comes in two sizes and three color options, so you can update your space as your mood shifts.

Hay Hee Bar Chair
Hay Hee Bar Chair $179.00

These wire barstools come in an array of signature Scandinavian muted tones and make a minimal statement in any kitchen. What's best is that they're also suitable for outdoors.

Design Letters Pink Paper A2 Shelf
Design Letters Pink Paper A2 Shelf $108.00

Now here's a minimal shelf you can lean on. Design Letters' selection of paper-thin shelves come in four colorways and look great in entryways, home offices, and even kitchens.

Muuto Unfold Lamp
Muuto Unfold Lamp $165.00

We already know that beige is making a comeback—so we're on board for this minimal silicone nude pendant. But if beige isn't your thing, it's also available in 12 colors.

Normann Copenhagen Horizon Mirror
Normann Copenhagen Horizon Mirror $131.00

Like your typical floor-length mirror but better. The slender shelf makes it a practical addition to any bedroom or entryway. The mirror comes in three colorways and is also available as a round or horizontal mirror, so the possibilities are virtually endless.

&Tradition Cloud Three Seater Sofa
&Tradition Cloud Three Seater Sofa $3,554.00

This spacious sofa will stand the test of time, both aesthetically and in terms of durability. It comes in a variety of fabric and leather options. Trust us, you'll never want to get up from your nap.

Pholc Mobil 100 Pendant
Pholc Mobil 100 Pendant $484.00

This uniquely shaped mobile pendant is ideal for spaces with high ceilings or staircases (and it's an award-winner). High-impact guaranteed.

Ferm Living Salon Cushion
Ferm Living Salon Cushion $87.00

This vibrant pillow makes a bold statement in any space at an affordable price. It's part of Ferm Living's large collection of eye-catching pillows.

Lyngby JC Vase 2 in 1
Lyngby JC Vase 2 in 1 $97.00

Elevate your floral arrangements with this gorgeous glass-blown burgundy vase. In fact, Finnish Design Shop has a great selection of vases.

Normann Copenhagen Rise Wall Lamp
Normann Copenhagen Rise Wall Lamp $93.00

An adorable sconce under $100? Sign us up. This powder-coated metal light fixture plugs in easily and is available in five colorways.

Menu Gridy Me Mirror
Menu Gridy Me Mirror $98.00

Who even needs a vanity when you can simply add this stunning mirror to a dresser or desk? The best part: One side is clear glass, while the other side has a beautiful copper tint—so you can use it for getting ready or as a statement piece.

New Works Rise & Shine Wall Mirror
New Works Rise & Shine Wall Mirror $387.00

Is it a mirror, or is it art? This suspended mirror is a bit of both. It's also available in a darker smoked-glass finish. 

And now, the IKEA-like shops you haven't heard of.