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15 Beautiful Fire Pits You'll Want to Sit By All Year Long

Fire Pit Ideas


Gathering around a fire is one of the oldest forms of socializing. In fact, near Tel-Aviv, Israel, an excavated 300,000-year-old fire pit could date back to one of the first examples of social culture among early humans. While we've undoubtedly come a long way from pre-historic days, there's something to be said about toasting your favorite wine with friends and family outdoors, under the stars, huddled around a crackling fire. And while most dwellers only take advantage of this age-old activity when partaking in outdoor activities, like camping or beach bonfires, there's no reason you can't bring the age-old ritual to your very own backyard.

Whether you're working with endless square footage or you have a tiny deck that needs a little something to get you outside more often, we have the inspiration you need to add a fire pit to your outdoor gathering space. From portable contraptions that take up less than a coffee-table's worth of space to uber-modern built-ins, and even a couple of budget-friendly DIYs, shop the fire pits you'll want to gather around all year long.

Get to scrolling, filling those virtual shopping carts, and while you're at it, order some chocolate, graham crackers, and marshmallows for all-you-can-eat s'mores. 

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Mixed & Matched

fire pit ideas

 Design: Studio Robert McKinley

We love that a backyard fire pit can be as formal or as casual as you please. This setup that includes forest green chairs and a rusted, presumably upcycled piece-turned-fire pit feels relaxed and inviting, while still looking totally Instagrammable.

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Rustic Retreat

fire pit ideas

Design: Brady Tolbert, Photo: Sara Tramp 

Take it back to basics with a rustic setup like this backyard retreat. Set up some seating made of tree stumps (just like our ancestors did it), stock the space with plenty of cozy blankets and tools for cooking the perfect s'more make for a backyard campsite you'll never want to pack up.

Hartlepool Concave Steel Wood Burning Fire Pit
Wayfair Hartlepool Concave Steel Wood Burning Fire Pit $2,140.00
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Open Air

fire pit ideas

D​design: Orlando Soria, Photo: Zeke Ruelas 

If there's a single reason to install a fire pit in your yard, it's the goal to entertain friends and family on summer nights. This setup screams "weekend hangout" with plenty of seating, ambient lighting, and cabin vibes courtesy of this wooden deck.

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Stone Setup

fire pit ideas

Design: Haynes-Roberts Inc Architects, Photo: Charles Mayer

Commissioning a custom-built fire pit can cost a fortune. However, if you're looking to create the look of an expensive built-in for a fraction of the price, this stone style will do it.

Martha Stewart Skylands Stone Propane Fire Pit
Wayfair Martha Stewart Skylands Stone Propane Fire Pit $650.00
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Pit-Friendly Patio

fire pit ideas

 Design: Haynes-Roberts Architects, Photo: Charles Mayer

This expansive patio is large enough to host a cocktail hour, yet the seated vignettes create spaces for intimate gatherings. The fire pit situated right in the center act as the centerpiece for this outdoor living space.

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Modern Terrace

Fire Pit Ideas

Design: Janice Parker

This rectangular, concrete style is the epitome of a modern fire pit. Glass fencing, and chrome accents complete the ambiance. And the best part is the edges of the pit double as a coffee table so you have a place to rest your martini at the end of a busy day.

Grice Concrete Propane Gas Fire Pit Table
AllModern Grice Concrete Propane Gas Fire Pit Table $480.00
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The Grass Is Greener

fire pit ideas

Design: Janice Parker 

No matter how simple your fire pit may look, the ambiance is all in the details. A path leading up to a circle of plush chairs and a low-profile pit makes your circle setup feel exclusive and expensive.

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Desert Escape

fire pit ideas

Design: Natalie Myers, Photo: Charlotte Lea

We can't think of a better place to watch the sun set than sitting around this cozy campfire nestled in the middle of the desert. Plenty of patio furniture, including a large sectional, a dinner table for entertaining, and the addition of outdoor textiles like pillows and a rug bring the comfort of the indoors out, while a crackling fire connects you back to nature.

Martha Stewart Bedford Wood Burning Round Dark Charcoal Fire Pit
Overstock Martha Stewart Bedford Wood Burning Round Dark Charcoal Fire Pit $574.00
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Back To Basics

fire pit ideas

 Design: Kristin Lewis, Photo: Charlotte Lea

Sometimes the best home-décor items are the ones you take to make yourself. An afternoon DIY project, some boulders and firewood can provide backyard entertainment for years to come. A handful of canvas-covered butterfly chairs are just what you need to make this the gathering place of the summer.

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fire pit ideas

 Design: Velinda Hellen and Erik Staalberg, Photo: Sara Ligorria-Tramp

Fire pits can be expensive, but that's nothing a bit of vision can't solve. In this case, a repurposed iron cauldron makes for the perfect piece to gather around. To upcycle your own flea-market find, look for something that's large, deep, and able to handle high temps.

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Tiny Terrace

If you're working with a small space, don't be so quick to think you can't fit a fire pit in it. This concrete style with a gas burner is compact in size, and also makes it easy to control the flame, which is a must in a small space. A couple of chairs and a stool, and you've got yourself an outdoor hangout on your tiny terrace.

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Tabletop Fireplace

If you're looking to save even more space, this tabletop fireplace is just the solution you need. If you have space for a coffee table, you certainly have space to set up a fire pit. This portable piece is 13 inches long and only weighs one pound, so you can indulge in a little outdoor campfire whenever you please.

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Sleek Surroundings

As much as we love an impeccably designed fire pit, the most important part is, of course, the fire itself. We love how this sleek pit built right into the structure creates a mirage effect. It looks clean and minimal, but still offers the charm of a cozy fire after hours.

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Great Balls Of Fire

It's not just about the actual design of your fire pit that plays into your overall patio décor. While most gasoline pits are filled with glass chards, we love the look of these concrete-like balls stacked in the middle. It's modern, sleek, and a new look for fire pits of today.

Bond Permacoal Fire Pit Glass
Wayfair Bond Permacoal Fire Pit Glass $100.00
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A Pit For Your Fire Pit

This built-in setup is basically the adult equivalent to a kids sandbox. A designated space like this one creates separation from the rest of your yard, which makes it feel more like an escape when you get that fire going.