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14 Stylish Ways to Turn Your Fireplace Into a Focal Point

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Is there anything better than cozying up around the fireplace? Whether you're on the #hygge train or not, there's a reason that this homey spot is often the central point of any family gathering. While most historic fireplaces have now been downgraded to "ornamental" (i.e. non-functioning) status, this design feature still holds a unique pull for many homeowners—and it's easy to see why.

But if you're looking to really level-up the impact of this architectural detail, we've got a few tricks up our sleeves. From glamorous mirrored elements to classic tiled hearths and even a few clever hacks for making a small or off-center fireplace into the grand focal point you've been dreaming of, these chic fireplace design ideas prove that there's nothing standing between you and a truly jaw-dropping fireplace feature.

Start planning now, and you'll have an irresistible new heart of the home well before temperatures drop this year—just in time for holiday guests and seasonal decorating to-dos.

Here are our favorite fireplace decor and design ideas that will turn any hearth into a statement-making home fixture.

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Play With Patterns

fireplace decor

Design: Ashley Montgomery Design

Contrasting tile or stone is a great way to accentuate your fireplace—and laying it in a herringbone pattern is a serious step up. We love how this light colored tile really "pops" against the dark painted mantel. And best of all, it's a highly adaptable look that can read as classic or modern, depending on your taste.

A clear lucite coffee table creates a feeling of lightness and airiness in this room—and makes sure the view of the fireplace is unobstructed, while providing some much-needed surface space.

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Embolden Your Built-Ins

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Design: Ashley Webb Interiors

Blessed with built-ins? Try painting them a high-contrast hue to draw the eye toward your fireplace feature. This creamy white painted fireplace looks much more attention-grabbing when flanked with peacock blue bookcases—a very on-trend hue we've been seeing a lot of lately.

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Light It Right

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 Design: Becca Interiors

Use lighting to your advantage when turning your fireplace into a focal point. A pair of artful sconces accentuates the architectural details of this mantel, and when switched on, they cast a spotlight on your favorite home feature. (Plus, for non-functional fireplaces, a little warm glow provided by some well-placed lighting can take the place of a romantic, roaring fire.)

wall sconce
Visual Comfort Aerin Clemente Black And Brass Sconce $569.00
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Reflect On It

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Design: Bespoke Only

Your eyes aren't playing tricks on you—this fireplace is backed with a mirrored wall. Not only does it make the room look bigger, but it's basically impossible to ignore this gorgeous fireplace focal point when it catches the light from every angle. This is one look we'll definitely be adding to our list for our next living room remodel.

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Built It Bigger

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 Design: Chelius House of Design

Even if the opening to your fireplace is small in stature, that doesn't mean it can't become a main feature. "Fake" a bigger fireplace by extending the stone or brick, and mounting a longer mantelpiece to give it a more impactful effect. This will lend a more expensive and elegant look to your space, without requiring a costly fireplace replacement.

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Square Off

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Design: Dan Rak Design

The same principle goes for fireplaces that are off-center on the wall. Introducing a larger mantelpiece tricks the eye to add some symmetry, while a second alcove—perfect for storing wood, whether ornamental or functional—adds some balance to the composition.

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Colorblock It

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Design: Devon Grace Interiors

Just when we thought the colorblocking trend was over—this fireplace truly stands out (in the best way) thanks to a clever paint job that highlights this wall, and a dreamy, muted grey tone that lends another graphic element to the mix. Coordinating grey trim ties the whole thing together, while a few well-placed lanterns add a warm and welcoming touch that feels subtly Scandi-inspired.

black metal lanterns
Crate & Barrel Petaluma Small Metal Lantern $40.00
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Use The Rule Of Threes

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 Design: Devon Grace Interiors

Mounting art over the mantel is nothing new, but using the rule of threes to your advantage can help add a cohesive, coordinated feel to the space. Try a triptych of paintings or some simply hung prints as seen here—the repetition will lend more weight and impact to your fireplace feature.

vintage map triptych
Blue Monocle Prints Lewis & Clark Map Set $54.00
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Embrace The Unexpected

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 Design: Dwell Aware

A powder-pink mantel? Absolutely. This traditional red brick fireplace suddenly looks infinitely more fresh and modern with the addition of an unexpected paint color—and it shows off the personality of the home's inhabitants. (And isn't that the most important thing of all?)

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Be A Shape-Shifter

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Design: Home By Polly

This space has it all—colorblocked walls, a round mirror, an elegant arched alcove... and we love how it all comes together. If you're lucky enough to have some built-in character like this archway, mimic the shapes already seen in your home and play them up. A round mirror echoes the rounded arch, while an on-trend pink parallelogram plays up the look of the fireplace.

round metal mirror
Rejuvenation 30" Round Metal Framed Mirror $319.00 $255.00
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Rehab Your Brick

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Design: Black Lacquer Design

There's no law that says brick fireplaces need to be traditional. Even the most symmetrical and unassuming of the bunch can be transformed into a total statement-maker with a few coats of paint—like this vibrant purple version brilliantly illustrates.

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Find The Right Filler

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 Design: Katie Hackworth

Decorative, non-functional fireplaces offer a great opportunity to use some creative and stylish filler items to add an eye-catching element. Stocking the fireplace with wood, oversized pillar candles, or even magazines can be just the eclectic touch a space needs.

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Keep It Going

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Design: Reena Sotropa 

A wide expanse of shelving offers so many options for styling shelfies throughout the year—so it's no mystery why we're obsessed with this ultra-long extended mantel idea. The mixed-material aspect is something we've never seen before, and we love the high-impact, symmetrical look of having shelving on each side of the fireplace.

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Go For Faux

fireplace design ideas

Design: Black Lacquer Design

Painting an entire wall (fireplace included) in this verdant hue is one thing, but what really sets this space apart is the subtle differentiation between the fireplace wall and the surroundings. A unique wallpaper inspired by the Japanese art of kintsugi in the same hue adds just the right amount of depth and gold shine to this jaw-dropping room.