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50 Fireplace Ideas That Will Cozy Up Your Home

Fireplace with black shiplap

Amy Bartlam

Even if winter is your least favorite season, it's hard to deny how cozy a fireplace can be. A decorative fireplace can be the perfect centerpiece for a living room, adding endless warmth and a focal point for your space.

Whether you already have a fireplace and are in need of new ways to adorn it or you're considering adding one to your room—very much worth it, in our opinion—there are many different looks and styles to provide something for every taste.

From brick to tile, wood-burning to purely decorative, we've rounded up our favorite fireplace ideas to add a ton of visual interest and warmth to any room in your house.

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Add a Lot of Plants

Black fireplace with plants

Jo Stewart

If your fireplace is solely decorative or you want a way to adorn the fireplace during the summer months, filling the space with lots of greenery is a great idea. Plants can add a sense of calming energy to your room, and a fireplace mantel is the perfect perch for those non-pet-safe plants.

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Paint it Green

Fireplace with green paint

Heather Holiday

While we love a neutral mantel as much as the next home decorator, consider giving your fireplace a makeover with a fresh coat of paint. This earthy sage green is a lovely way to ground the entire space and add an unexpected hint of color.

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Fill it With Books

Black fireplace filled with books

Brexton Cole Interiors

Looking for another way to fill a fireplace that isn't operational? This book-filled fireplace is a great choice for bibliophiles. Pick your favorite books and create a collage within the fireplace.

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Add a Mirror

White fireplace


One of the most elegant ways to decorate a mantel is by placing a mirror directly above the fireplace. Not only does this fill that awkward space, but it can open up your room and add more natural light by way of the added reflections.

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Pick a Colorful Brick

Fireplace with blue tiles

Reena Sotropa

Who says tile is just for the bathroom? Here, a stunning blue tiled fireplace helps to add a ton of personality to this reading room.

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Swap it For an Insert

Fireplace with a wood burning stove


A wood-burning fireplace is great, but a wood-burning stove has the added benefit of warming up your entire house. Swapping out your fireplace for a stove is a great way to save on heating bills and add a rustic flair to your space.

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Go for Vintage

Black Victorian fireplace

Philippa McFarlane

This Victorian-style fireplace is sure to be a conversation starter in any home. If you're lucky enough to have a house with period details like these, don't hide them—embrace them.

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Go for Stone

Stone fireplace

Amy Bartlam

Want to recreate a cozy cabin vibe all year long? A white-washed stone hearth like this one is a great way to add a rustic feel without creating a dark or heavy space.

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Rethink Your Layout

Living room with side fireplace

Amy Bartlam

Not everyone loves a TV over the fireplace. Instead, consider mounting the TV against a perpendicular wall so that your fireplace is still the focal point of the room.

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Add Wooden Balls

Fireplace with black shiplap

Amy Bartlam

We love this tiled fireplace look that features a stack of wooden spheres inside the fireplace to give it texture and visual interest. This is a great alternative to faux wood if your fireplace is decorative only.

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Go Modern

Living room with black fireplace

Ann Living

Allow your fireplace to play well with the rest of your house (and the decor in it). If your taste trends toward the modern and streamlined, opt for an insert that doesn't feel cluttered or bulky.

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Paint it White

Living room with white stone fireplace

Arbor & Co.

While we love stone fireplaces in the right setting, they can sometimes feel outdated. By painting the stone fireplace white, this room got an instant makeover and looks light and airy.

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Keep the Brick

Fireplace with exposed brick outline

Arbor & Co.

On the other hand, don't reach for the paintbrush every time. Natural brick can feel earthy and warm in many homes, and we love the Southwestern vibe it gives off here.

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Warm Up High Ceilings

Living room with high ceilings

Reena Sotropa

Have high ceilings? A fireplace is a great way to help add warmth to a large, spacious room and make it feel cozier and more welcoming.

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Make it Pop

Fireplace against a black wall

Arbor & Co.

Painting the rest of the room a rich, moody color is a great way to make your fireplace pop out and instantly become the centerpiece of your space.

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Let the Sun Shine

White sun room with a fireplace

Arbor & Co.

This light-filled sunroom is the perfect spot for a fireplace. During the day, the large windows allow tons of natural light to enter the space, while at night a cozy fireplace provides warmth all year long.

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Add Built-Ins

Fireplace with built in units

Arbor & Co.

Looking for a way to add more character to your home? Adding built-in bookshelves to either side of a fireplace is a great way to extend your storage space and add more personality.

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Paint it Black

Black fireplace

Arbor & Co.

Painting your brick fireplace black instantly adds depth to your room. Keep the rest of the walls bright to provide a lovely contrast against the dark brick.

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Add Chevron Stripes

Filled in fireplace with chevron stripes

Ashley Montgomery Design

Tiling the inside of your fireplace with a chevron pattern is a great way to update the space and give it a more modern feel.

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Make a Dining Room Cozier

Dining room with a fireplace

Britt Design Studio

A traditional mantel and fireplace in a dining room create a more elegant look that's perfect for dinner parties and formal events.

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Add the Right Lighting

White fireplace with historic details

Brexton Cole Interiors

A fireplace can add a warm glow to your living room, but a well-decorated living room needs many light sources. Place table lamps on a mantel to add extra lighting in the room.

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Pick a Monochrome Palette

Fireplace with white facade

Brophy Interiors

Here, various shades of white and black help to define a serene and peaceful space. The white fireplace blends in beautifully with the crisp couches and wall hues.

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Make it Sleek

Modern house with a small fireplace

Brophy Interiors

Rethink the traditional fireplace and opt for a horizontal version instead. This sleek, modern fireplace adds a warm glow when it's on, but almost blends in with the rest of the wall when it's not. This is perfect for spaces where a standard fireplace just doesn't fit the aesthetic.

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Keep it Traditional

Living room with a large portrait

Reena Sotropa

If you have a home with period details, hang a portrait over your fireplace to give your space a modern traditional vibe. If a portrait isn't your thing, any large oil painting can add a time-honored and elegant look.

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Go for Gas

White fireplace with gas insert

Burchard Design Co.

If lugging in firewood and stoking a fire all night doesn't sound like your cup of tea, consider swapping out a wood-burning fireplace for a gas insert, which is easier to maintain and manage.

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Add a Basket

Living room with a basket and fireplace

Calimia Home

Filling your fireplace with a large woven basket not only fills up a fireplace when its not in use, but gives you a landing pad for throws and pillows too.

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Add Warmth to a Bedroom

Bedroom with a fireplace

Calimia Home

A fireplace isn't just for the living room. Create the perfect bedroom layout by adding a fireplace to your primary suite. Not only does it add some cozy ambiance, but it can keep your room comfortable all winter long.

Primary Suite

The term “Primary Suite” is now widely used to describe the largest bedroom in the home with an en suite bath, as it better reflects the space’s purpose. Many realtors, architects, interior designers, and the Real Estate Standards Association have recognized the potentially discriminatory connotations in the term “Master.” Read more about our Diversity and Inclusion Pledge.

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Add Birch Logs

White living room with birch logs

Calimia Home

One easy and classic way to fill a fireplace when it's not in use is to use birch logs. This adds a warm, earthy feel even when the fire isn't lit. This is a great way to style your fireplace throughout summer, too.

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Decorate the Mantel

White fireplace with decor

Casa Watkins Living

While a bare mantel can feel minimalistic and clean, a mantel with an array of objects and decorative pieces can lend a lovely eclectic feel to any living space. Add a hint of maximalism to provide visual interest to any fireplace.

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Lean a Painting

Living room with stone fireplace

Charbonneau Interiors

Another great way to fill the space above the fireplace is with a large painting. But instead of hanging the picture, lean it against the wall. Since no nails or adhesives are necessary, this is a great idea if you want to mix up the decor often.

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Keep it Rustic

Living room with wood beams

Charbonneau Interiors

This living room with a reclaimed wood mantel and exposed beams is giving us major modern rustic vibes. Add various textures and textiles via throws and pillows throughout the room to create the ultimate cozy space.

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Match the Colors

Living room with green accents

Brexton Cole Interiors

Use various shades of the same color throughout the living room and on the mantel to create a layered, monochromatic color scheme. When done correctly, a monochromatic room can feel larger and more dimensional.

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Hang a TV

Fireplace with a TV over it

Charlie Interior Design

While there are two camps when it comes to hanging the TV over the fireplace, in some layouts there isn't another choice. Just be cognizant of the height (and you may need to tilt your screen, depending on how large your fireplace is).

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Place the TV to the Side

Fireplace with a mirror over it

Charlie Interior Design

Don't want to mount the TV over the fireplace? Instead, place it to the side of the fireplace where it almost blends in with its surroundings and isn't the focal point of your room.

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Go for All Marble

Stone fireplace

Charlie Interior Design

While some stone or marble fireplaces are on the rustic side, this smooth stone is the perfect way to make marble feel elegant and modern. This look pairs well with streamlined furniture and crisp lines.

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Add a Chandelier

Fireplace with a chandelier

Britt Design Studio

The perfect way to elevate your fireplace look is by adding a stunning oversized chandelier to act as a second focal point for the room. Make sure the look and feel of the light fixture pairs well with your fireplace to create the best flow.

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Keep it Neutral

Living room with leather couch

Sarah Fultz Interiors

A painted brick fireplace plays very well with neutral tones throughout the space. If you have heavy, rich colors such as brown leathers and natural woods, a crisp white fireplace can pair beautifully.

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Decorate for the Holidays

Fireplace with garland

Simply Grove

One clear benefit of a fireplace? It provides the perect perch for your holiday decor. Lay garland or hang stockings to add that seasonal cheer.

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Make it Blend In

Living room with black painted fireplace

Simply Grove

If you have a fireplace that's a little outdated or simply doesn't work with the rest of the room, paint it the same color as the wall to make it almost disappear.

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Paint the Built-Ins

Living room with built ins

Whittney Parkinson

Paint the built-ins around the fireplace the same color as your mantel to help create a seamless space with loads of character.

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Add a Bouquet

Living room with bouquet of flowers on mantel

Whittney Parkinson

Decorate the mantel with a large bouquet of flowers. Either real or high-quality faux can complete a room and make it feel purposeful.

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Opt for Earthy Colors

Stone fireplace

Whittney Parkinson

A fireplace already lends a natural feel, so why not add in more earthy tones? Stick with beiges, grays and olives to keep your living space warm and inviting. Add in various textures throughout the furniture and accents to keep the room interesting.

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Create a Game Zone

Living room with fireplace

White Sands

Upgrade your game room with a fireplace. This cozy, kid-friendly entertainment room is perfect for family game nights throughout the cold months.

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Keep it Colorful

Colorful living room

Reena Sotropa

If a neutral space isn't for you, let your fireplace act as a canvas for a colorful and eclectic living room. Mix in bright throw pillows, colorful artwork and bold bouquets to brighten up any living area.

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Decorate With Steer Heads

Living room with steer heads

Reena Sotropa

Mounting steer heads above your fireplace is a great way to add a rustic, country-inspired feel to your space. You can easily find replicas if the real thing is not your style.

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Install Sconces

Fireplace in a dining room

Reena Sotropa

Few lighting fixtures upgrade a space as well and as quickly as a well-placed sconce. Hang a sconce on either end of your fireplace to add cozy-yet-elegant lighting and upgrade your fireplace without even touching it.

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Add Lots of Art

Fireplace with large artwork

Reena Sotropa

While your fireplace is definitely the focal point of the room, you can use it as an opportunity to add a variety of pieces of art throughout. From large paintings to sculptures, adorn the space around your fireplace with elegant artwork for a classy look.

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Opt for a Stove

Room with a wood burning stove

Ursula Carmona of Home Made by Carmona

A standalone wood-burning stove not only heats up your room, but it gives off a vintage vibe that can make you feel like you're on a weekend getaway all year long.

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Keep it Small

Living room with small fireplace

Tyler Karu Design

Don't have a lot of room for a fireplace? This minimal, modern stove is perfect for small spaces that need a bit of warmth and ambiance. Though you don't get a mantel to decorate, you can add colorful artwork around the stove to highlight it.

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Keep it Simple

White living room and fireplace

Amy Bartlam

Sometimes the best fireplace decor is the simplest. Adorn your fireplace with a pair of matching sconces and an abstract piece of art for a simple but classic look and feel. When paired with understated furniture, a simple mantel can be the perfect entryway or living room accent.