The Must-Haves for Your First Home That Are Worth the Investment

Whether you're moving into your first home or a new rental, there's always a myriad of things to consider, but perhaps first and foremost is your budget. While your stylish eye wants all the designer pieces, your frugal purse is looking at those luxury lookalikes with an affordable price tag. But you don't have to declare war with your bank account. It is possible to achieve a happy compromise. Low-cost décor that looks expensive really exists.

If you're having trouble sourcing it, though, don't stress. We did the legwork for you and found some of the chicest affordable basics every home should have, along with the investment pieces you can't ignore. Once you tick them off your first-apartment checklist, the fun can really begin. Inject some personality with curated vignettes, vintage knickknacks, and objets d'art.

Ready to get started? Ahead, we share our top nine must-have pieces for your first home or rental that are affordable or worth the investment. Yep, we did it.