Decorating Your First Apartment? Start With 2017's Biggest Décor Trends

Moving into your first apartment is one of those key milestones that make you feel like an adult. You’ve packed your boxes, gotten the keys to your new place, and arrived to an empty shell of a house—now, where to start?

Styling a space for the first time can be fraught with challenges: Should you keep any furniture from your dorm days? Does your roommate share the same taste? When should you splurge and save? To take the guesswork out of styling your new home, we tapped the team at Polyvore, the world’s biggest online community of tastemakers, to reveal the top trending items according to its database of over 20 million users. These are the best pieces of décor to invest in now according to their study, plus our tips to style it to perfection. Welcome to your new home